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This is the Thirty First in an ongoing series of spotlight debates.  The purpose of the debate is to "roast" the user (and when I say "roast", I mean in a nice way).  Please share all the good, humorous, and otherwise positive aspects about this important user of our community.  Don't worry, I will be creating one of these every few days so your name may show up next!


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Thirtieth in the series - andsoccer16 -

Thirty Second in the series - Akulakhan -


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3 points

Ah Liber. He was one of the most intelligent members of the site I've ever had the pleasure of talking to. Knowledgeable on many a subject, and never clouded by bias. Not anywhere more evident than when dealing with religion. Despite being religious himself, he was a fierce critic of religious traditions and philosophies, a quality that is ever so rare today.

It's a shame he's basically left now, as I always enjoyed reading his contributions.

2 points

Pretty much one of the most philosophically intelligent members of the site. He was in search of answers instead of just evidence supporting an answer he may already have.

He was also a fan of psychedelics, which explained his open mindedness, I believe.

1 point

He's a good guy but dont see him very often. . ............................. .. ...... ..

1 point

When I see Liber always online he reminds me of someone who likes politics and enjoys debating in it and compassionate about politic and he is a great debater I am impressed with his debating skills.

Liber is a fellow libertarian, who believes in liberty, and all respect goes to him. Knowledge and friendly.

didnt know him or see him much, but he always put his whole foot into the argument, and he always gave the best argument he could possibly make. he was very intelligent, and now we say goodbye....

Liber's a beast, lets be honest here. Whether I was arguing with or against him, he was always reasonable and had well developed opinions and arguments. Wish he came on a little more.

One of the most interesting members to visit the site, Liber went into all discussions with a angle unique on CD. A sophist Libertarian who's active presence is missed.