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This is the Fifty-First in an ongoing series of spotlight debates. The purpose of the debate is to "roast" the user (and when I say "roast", I mean in a nice way). Please share all the good, humorous, and otherwise positive aspects about this important user of our community. Don't worry, I will be creating one of these every few days so your name may show up next!


Fiftieth in the series - Quocalimar -

Fifty-Second in the series - kozlov

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6 points

One of the most kindhearted debaters on CD, logical person as well, having both those traits are rare and I personally find it valuable. She truly is the peacekeeper of our site, if everyone was like her I think that world peace would be prelavent as well as having a good head on our shoulders.

Excellent remarks about LizziexLaura, reminds me of kindhearted of Saurbaby.

4 points

Wait? What? Before you know it people will be saying Lizzie is Saur's troll... LOL

1 point

Thanks pf :) I think some people have forgotten about me because I haven't been as active lately.

Thanks Zephyr. That means alot to me. I love this community. Thank you for that meaningful post.

5 points

So innocent and sweet. I don't know how she manages to keep that up when she's hanging around people like us. Good for her! And she's cute.

Thanks for the compliment. The people on this site are all unique in their own way and it is amazing. Hanging around you guys is one of the best things I have ever done in my life.

4 points

A very nice and respectful person on this site and is a very good debater. I love how she makes good debate topics and everyone joins in a lot on her debates.

Thanks Srom. You also post many great debate topics. Thank you for the compliments.

1 point

Your welcome Lizzie! Keep up those good debates coming! :)

I am new here but when she argued with me she did it so respectfully and to me, by what I have seen, she is a very nice person.

Thank you. I enjoyed debating with you too and I am looking forward to debating with you as a friend too.

1 point

Same here. Though she's been avoiding my tougher questions lately. :/


Oh yes. My fault. Sorry I have alot of notifications. Sometimes I miss replies. I need to get back to yours.

4 points

Only been on here for a week but there are many personalities. She doesn't tear people down or try to bend them to her will. I give props to that ;)

4 points

One of my best friends ever! :)

Same goes to you my friend. I have alot of respect for you .

2 points

Thank you sweetie. Hugs. .

Jc41218(1558) Disputed
1 point

One of my best friends ever! :)

She's a fake....... she is a puppet account......

link6065(741) Disputed
-1 points

hahaha only because she's popular. ;) .

Lizzie is a total sweetheart. She is by far the nicest person on this site and is a great debater too.

Thank you so much. You are a true sweetheart. You are always caring and compassionate. You are an excellent debater as well.

3 points

She's courteous and intelligent enough to respond to your point with logic.

Maybe a tad too courteous. It often seems she's going to be the one to make world peace a reality, I don't think so, but i admire the trait.

Thank you Quocalimar. I have heard that I may be too nice but I want to make sure everybody is treated fairly. Thanks for being a really good friend. I will look forward to debating with you more.

3 points

A great debater and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, not a bad tennis player either ;)

Thank you. You are one of the most honest and down to earth user on this site and I admire that.

1 point

Thanks Lizzie, congrats in getting in Spotlight Series

3 points

Best family member I could ever ask for. You can ask her for anything and she is willing to do it. Most respectful person in my books. Go sis.

Thanks Abby. I know we have had our difficulties but I love you very much.

2 points

Well she's clearly a fraud and a fake... I mean, no one is that nice, right? LOL!

But seriously folks, Lizzie is cool and a great addition to the site. I hope she sticks around for a long time... and Lizzie? Beware of those pesky UFOs... some of them bite you know. ;)

Oh yes lol. I hate it when UFO'S bite. It is very annoying lol .

2 points

One of the nicest people on here she doesn't call people names or provoke anyone. She has good debating skills as well as this she is a really good person.

Haha thanks. You are very kind too. I love debating with you. I am looking forward to you staying here for a long time.

I can't possibly like her more than I already do...., well...., maybe a little bit more if she shows me her boobies ;)

1 point

Lol really you had to go that. far

Hey, you never know. I may get lucky ;)

Lol Joe you are so silly. This is why you are one of my favorite users. I love commenting on your debates.

OK..., so you are OK with the current level of "like" and you have absolutely no intention of increasing that level to maximum. That's OK. I get it. I'll just do without ;)

2 points

A rather excellent debater, always fun to have a discussion with :L

Keep up the good work.

2 points

I've only been here since yesterday, and I've never actually had a debate with her, but like other people said, there are SO many personalities on here, and just by reading debates, I can tell that she is very sweet and kindhearted, but also very intelligent. She's the kind of person I would not only want to be friends with, but also want to be like. I look forward to talking to her in the future.;D

Haha I sound like such a creeper, she hasn't even noticed me. XD

well... hi!

Well hello Hannah if that is your name. I have seen some of you debates. Illike the way you argue. You are a friend in my book.

1 point

No more debates left, so I'll post something on here. Uh.. If you wanna good debate, talk to her, she's always got something interesting to say. Good enough?!

1 point

She seems to be a very nice person.

Overall, a very beneficial user to have in the community.

Same for you. I learned that we both like collecting flags so I regard you as a comrade.

1 point

As far as I have seen thus far I have no complaints. I definitely respect her values in regards to debating.

A very efficient deceiver hell-bent on peace.

If I could decieve people I would die. I wouldnt be able to live with the fact that I am practically lying and endagering people.

This my most truthful opinion about LizziexLaura. I hope I don't get hated on ;)

1 point

I havent interacted with her much but she always has something nice to say something nice about people all in all she seems pretty awesome

Awww thank you. That mans alot to me. Thanks for the compliment .

The fact that she's gone through and individually thanked almost every member for any vaguely complimentary thing they might have said about her here pretty much says it all; she's very, very nice, almost absurdly so. Not that I'm complaining. Nice is nice. And it helps to balance out the abundance of assholeishness and bitchiness from the other men and women on this website. She's a welcome addition to the regulars, I hope she sticks around.

Thanks. You are an awesome debator too. You are one of the ones who keeps things real. Thanks for being a cool role model.