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This is the Seventeenth in an ongoing series of spotlight debates.  The purpose of the debate is to "roast" the user (and when I say "roast", I mean in a nice way).  Please share all the good, humorous, and otherwise positive aspects about this important user of our community.  Don't worry, I will be creating one of these every few days so your name may show up next!


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5 points

This is one crazy mofo! He has to be the most down-voted person on the site but he doesn't care about no stinking down-votes! He's the fucking Energizer Bunny... And he's my favorite crazy theist on the site... I just hope one day he's able to pull it together and get a job so he doesn't have to keep living under a bridge. ;)

3 points

I usually avoid debating with him. It's like talking to a wall. He ignores any point I make and instead decides to argue as if I fit his strawman.

yeah... terrible "roast" but he actually bothers me as a debater. Like, Srom is just a teen, thewayitis seems to be a crazy man who made his way onto the internet.

I believe that underneath all that hair..., is a very sane looking individual ;)

2 points

He sucks at debating, but credit where credit's due, the fucker keeps coming back. It's just impossible to keep him down.

Gotta love that determination.

1 point

In my opinion I think the thewayitis is a good person and a great Christian friend, some of the things he says I am surprised from him. I have learned a lot from him. Many people think he is the worst debater but in my opinion he is far above that.

I hope someday that his efficiency goes up.

1 point

What makes him a good person and a good Christian?

Why are you his friend? I'm not against you, I'd just like more information on the "whys" of your argument.

Making an assertion is fine and all, but backing it up with "why" and lots of information gives you a stronger case.

1 point

I have seen him say a lot of things and I have talked to him and he is nice to me.

I am his friend because why shouldn't I be his friend? I can be anyone's friend, in fact I could be your friend right now. :D

Thewayitis is extremely difficult debater to have an actual conservation where real arguments are being made instead of straw men stacked on one another.

1 point

Some folks like PrayerJesusfreak here say, that strawmen should be stacked on top of another in stead of real arguments bieng made. Thewayitis disagrees with this nonsense.

Don't like to debate with him, seems as if his eyes work just well enough for him to see what he's typing but he's just blind enough to not see what other write.

Erm... he has a beard.

1 point

Obsessed with CD much? He doesn't even have time to shave... Try running for Santa, might actually pull it off.

He's a crazy motherfucker and very irritating with constant generalisations of atheists.

1 point

He's a very spiritual person who likes to philosophize. He's not too much of a friend for many atheistic debaters because his opinions are very strong, perhaps unmoving even. He'd probably the funniest guy you've seen if you got him drunk.

2 points

I think he is drunk.... like all the time! I mean... look at him.