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SPOTLIGHT SERIES - feelingtruth

This is the Twenty Eighth in an ongoing series of spotlight debates.  The purpose of the debate is to "roast" the user (and when I say "roast", I mean in a nice way).  Please share all the good, humorous, and otherwise positive aspects about this important user of our community.  Don't worry, I will be creating one of these every few days so your name may show up next!


Feelingtruth's Profile -


 Twenty Seventh in the series - Garry77777-


 Twenty Ninth in the series - Enigmaticman -

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3 points

this person has not bothered me

jonathangoh(1720) Clarified
1 point

upvote for you

yayyyyy ive been waiting forever for this :D lol sorry i havent been on as much lately, i have a job and a bed so i just work sleep and stuff.... ya know..... stuffz....

Now everyone.... BOW DOWN TO ME




and ill return the favor ^_~

bump because apparently people are jealous and had to make alot of new debates to get me off the front page....

1 point

He makes some interesting debates.

If by "interesting" you mean conspreicy, and by "debates" you mean theories.

But yeah, i often enjoy his debates.

1 point

What? Really? He's been here for like five minutes... He's ai'ite though just a little out there... did we ever determine if he was really TheThinker or not? ;)

oh shut the hell up, youre just jealous that im in the spotlight

and no i have no clue who that is, im actually spiritualsou

yes i said it

1 point

Ah huh! I knew you were someone before! Jealous? Not really... just about every other spotlight user has been a fake account of mine. ;)

1 point

Oh shit! TheThinker! He was crazy. Remember how he used to always get on everyones ass about cursing... or did he just do that to me?

1 point

I don't remember all that? He mostly just posted shit about rape and incest and other sick shit... Srom used to bitch about cursing but he finally let it go.

1 point

He's sorta odd (and he may be a tad bit insane, in a good way through), but his perspectives are ones I've never encountered before, so that's interesting. Plus, he also seems to be a conspiracy nut. XP

1 point

oh so now youre spying on me too???

Lol well thats a cool response, how nice

1 point

Spying? Why would I be spying.

Numerous debates with you and observation of your arguments easily gives a clear indication of your personality.

I personally would rather be feeling something else (like boobs) if you get my meaning ;)

1 point

boobs ARE the truth, my man

This site seems to attract a fair share of people who like attention. Feeling Truth is no different than the rest of the people on the leader board ;)

1 point

i dont like attention, but i do like to express my opinions

WTF? You're not an attention whore? Then what the hell are you complaining about people not roasting you? ;)

ricedaragh(2497) Disputed
2 points

I don't like attention


joecavalry(38016) Clarified
1 point

Wait..., is he one of us? Is he on the weekly leader board? Good God man!!! I just checked. You better get to getting while the getting is good and get on that thing. You've been slacking. We need to get Token to give you a good tongue lashing ;)

i owned the leaderboards for a while, which is impressive foir this site cuz i had to compete with trolls at the time, but alas, the super spiritual, non proof giving extremist ended up on top.... and then he fell... how funny.....

1 point

He makes some interesting points and seems to have a similar perspective to life as me

where are those flesh of yours? NO barbecued chicken?


I'm somewhat curious as to why he has a spotlight before a great majority of us that have been on this site for a substantial amount of time prior to him making an account.

And you can't really argue that it's because people like me aren't as active as they use to be considering I see users that have been inactive for over a year get the spotlight.

I'm not jealous by any means believe me, I'm just curious as to how this system works and if half the users that have gotten spotlights really deserve it.

I'm a bit drunk so that's probably the only reason I'm posting this, but that's just my 2 cents ;)

ChuckHades(3198) Clarified
2 points

It's because he spammed in order to amass enough points for, I don't even know, internet dick measuring I guess.

It's not even funny spamming, like Joe, it's just regular boring spam :/

1 point

ya right? maybe the force is strong with me, did you ever think about that one? no? ok...

Chuck is right, the spotlight system isn't based on how long you've been on the site, it based on how many points you have. You could make a new account today and if you managed to accumulate some 1800 points in a couple days that new account would be the next one featured in the spotlight series.

This system mean we end up focusing the spotlight on members who have been inactive for months or years, but the same problem would occur (perhaps even in greater abundance) if we were basing it off who had been here longer. Then we might end up with a spotlight debate for some member who joined several years ago, has been inactive for some years since that, has no points, and thus nobody here knows about them. Old accounts with a lot of points, even if they are currently inactive, are likely to be remembered by old members who have been here a while. Nobody would remember those people who have had accounts forever but rarely post anything.

EDIT: For some reason my 'argument' posted twice so just disregard this one if you please.


Bitch is crazy .

He all right .

The patterns and colors of his profile picture have amused me when I came on buzzed.

Ostensibly, it appears that feelingtruth has self esteem issues with the event of creating a debate asking why is nobody roasting him.

Before that, I thought he was a well rounded individual and reasonable debater.

Someone has to give it time, everything doesn't happen at demand.

1 point

it was a joke, didnt you see the comedy face, heeheehahahoho?

Its funny..I don't know why

2 points

well i dont know is not an answer... downvote for you sir

jonathangoh(1720) Clarified
1 point

Thank you for your "generousity"

jonathangoh(1720) Clarified
1 point

Thank you for your generosity.

1 point

The only word that comes to mind is "interesting". And I don't mean that in a negative way at all, you really have an interesting mind.

I know another "Truth" user and omg he had some issues. ;)