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This is the Forty-Seventh in an ongoing series of spotlight debates. The purpose of the debate is to "roast" the user (and when I say "roast", I mean in a nice way). Please share all the good, humorous, and otherwise positive aspects about this important user of our community. Don't worry, I will be creating one of these every few days so your name may show up next!


Forty-Sixth in the series - Prodigee -

Forty-Eighth in the series - casper3912 -

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A little crazy, but good debater who has concrete beliefs.---------------------------------

Lynaldea(1231) Disputed
5 points

Nah, an asshole whom offends those that believe without care.

Jace(5053) Disputed
1 point

Offending other peoples' sensibilities is hardly grounds for making one an "asshole", particularly if those people are overly-sensitive.

0 points

Being an asshole is a fundamental right along with offending those as well in freedom of speech and not caring.

1 point

An inferior being to myself in every respect other than the ability to be inferior.

I accidentally found out how to make Nummi mad and I'm tempted to push my dear ally's (his) button ;)

joecavalry(38739) Clarified
1 point

Does that make me evil ;)

Chaffy(154) Disputed
0 points

Dear Noob,

I have not been here for a while because I have been helping those around the world in need. No doubt you have not. As I can see, you some help with how to be a better person - abusing other people and making them generally unhappy is simply not a good method for this at all. I don't know how you are pushing his button but you really should not do so because of how immoral it ism you fool. You must treat everyone as your equal and respect the elderly, as I am sure they would probably consider doing for you. Learn from those who have done good things before you prejudice button-pusher.


President Chaffy

Hi Chafty ;)

1 point

I don't think we've ever said a word to each other?

1 point

I have nothing to say about him because I have no feelings for him and I don't need to say what I really think about him.

1 point

You piss me off, but you are smart. I like that. :)

1 point

He seems like an interesting person with different ideas. I approve of where he was placed on the Political Compass.

I actually have a lot of respect for nummi. He is a serious and intelligent debater and brings alot to the table in terms of facts and insight. He is a valueable asset to this site. Sure, sometimes he can be kind of a dick, but he always backs it up with reasonable evidence instead of spewing useless insults

1 point

Good snark and alright arguments.

Intelligent with some sound arguments and strong opinions but also very... elitist in his beliefs. Not only asserting his opinions but also arguing that they (and himself, but extension) are intellectually superior is kind of a condescending dick move, i think.

1 point

He is quite a debater but, he is very agressive when belief is brought up. As well, he is a bit arrogant in his comments.

Now, Andy, I demand my 15 minutes of fame!

2 points

Sinknight, you will get yours. Patience!

1 point

Start point whoring and you will

1 point

Sounds like a plan .

1 point

Great idea !

0 points

Well, nummi and I are constantly at odds with each other, in our approach, our thoughts, our "beliefs", our way of debating and our attitude towards debates. Moreover, I would be surprised if he does not find some fault in this post which I am making. Still, he is a down to earth, sensible and practical, no nonsense debater, and by no means poor of courtesy. Let's give him his fair share of praise.