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Safe sex ed. Don't have sex ed.
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 Safe sex ed. (4)
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Safe sex ed vs don't have sex ed.

Safe sex ed.

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Don't have sex ed.

Side Score: 2
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Expecting people to remain abstinent before marriage is asinine and short sighted, not to mention remarkably ignorant on biology. What's important is understanding that people are going to have sex, that doesn't make them sluts or 'easy' or sinners, it makes them human, so we have to teach what's safe and what's the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancy as well as ramifications of sex itself. Not all contraceptives are guaranteed to work against STD's or pregnancy.

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Right? I am in favor of safe sex ed, as well.....................................................................................................

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SunTzuv2(52) Clarified
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Minty Mamoola at her finest.

Side: Safe sex ed.
Chinaman(2951) Clarified Banned
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The Democrat likes a Minty that no one has ever heard of.

Side: Safe sex ed.
Chinaman(2951) Clarified Banned
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The Democrat says that the Trojans do not work.

When did that happen.

Side: Safe sex ed.
FromWithin(8239) Disputed Banned
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It's ludicrous to ignore the harm done by irresponsible people living promiscuous lifestyles. The harm done to society with the cost of welfare and medicaid from single mom's, fatherless children, venereal diseases, etc. is costing our nation hundreds of Billions.

NEWSFLASH, there are millions of responsible people saving sex for love, not one night hookups, and never costing tax payers a dime.

It is admirable and something to applaud when people choose to live responsible lifestyles, not putting burdens on tax payers.

You are like every other no fault Liberal denying the accountability of people for the choices they make in life.

Our welfare roles are exploding with your no fault drivel.

When you stop expecting others to bail out irresponsible people, I will never say a word against how people live their lives. Our children deserve a loving mother and father! An intact home with the mother and father raising the children, is becoming a rare thing in your no fault commune.

Liberals are very insecure people who many times hate Christianity because of it's mention of moral values and responsibility.

You are like many non believers who believe sex is a primordial evolutionary drive that makes men spread their seed to as many women as possible.

Human beings are not animals, and have this thing called intelligence and the ability to choose restraint over promiscuity.

Side: Don't have sex ed.
Redeemed(1422) Disputed
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And you're done. Hate speech is not allowed on my debates....................................................

Side: Safe sex ed.
Mint_tea(4310) Disputed
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It's ludicrous to not support safe sex ed when you are so against abortion. The harm done to society by your train of thought is the first issue we have to deal with. If you don't want abortion legal then logically you should support all methods of birth control, from abstinence to safe sex education. Otherwise you're bitching about a problem you really don't care about fixing.

Side: Safe sex ed.
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