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Fundamental Right Subject to Legislature
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Same Sex Marriage/Civil Unions: To Be or Not To Be

As Perry v. Schwarzenegger makes its way through the Federal court system challenging Proposition 8 in California, this case will ultimately end up in the lap of the Supreme Court.  I anticipate the question to turn on whether gay marriage is a fundamental right or not.  Provide arguments either in support of gay marriage to be recognized as a fundamental right or in contrast that it is not a fundamental right and recognition should be subject to the legislature.

Fundamental Right

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Subject to Legislature

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I think that everyone has there own right to be with who they choose, and i don't understand why people of the same sex can be together but not get married. My best friend has a cousin and she and her girlfriend have been together for over a year and are ready to get married but the law prevents them from it. They are in love just like a heterosexual couple, so why cant they have the same right as a "normal" couple in love?

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It is now 2015 and the Supreme Court has declared Gay Marriage to be the law of the land.

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Why are you on a debate website?

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