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It's so true But wait pig
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Same women saying all men are predators want unlimited sex without consequence


It's so true

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But wait pig

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These same so called "strong" women are acting like the Nazi Party whereby certain groups of people are ok to kill because they are inconveniences in our lives.

In this new age of Feminism, we hear so much about their careers, their lifestyles, their goals, their finding themselves, etc. etc. blah blah blah....

The truth of who these so called "strong" women are, is but another extremist group of selfish inhuman losers who put themselves over the lives of viable unborn babies.

We are women, we are strong, do not interfere with our uterus while we kill the viable lives inside our uterus. We have the right to kill but you have no right to stop us.

We are such "strong" women, we will kill even viable girl babies. We have no problem interfering with the girl Baby's uterus, we simply end the baby's life uterus and all.

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