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Santa Claus should be banned.

It is too easy for a pedophile to get hired as 'Santa Claus' by some mall or store !


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Santa Claus is a needless lie. It is unfair and pointless to make children cry when they find he does not exist. Even worse is if thet never find out until they are adult, believe me it does happen.

I never believed in Santa Claus as a kid, my parents always made me realise that he is not real. I still enjoyed Christmas as much as everyone else as a child, it was always the best time of the year.

That said, the image of Santa Claus is a major part of the world's culture. It would be a great disappointment to lose this. I only ask parents to think twice before telling you kids a lie.

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He is a sign of corporate greed, and when kids don't get what they expected, they get angry. Anyways, how can a tubbyfuck fit down a chimney? Flying reindeer? An eternal life? Not possible.

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Also, kids might get teased at school for believing in Santa Claus after 4th grade, and it's too late, it would be heartbreaking fir a 5th grader to learn that something is fake. Tooth Fairy should end in 3rd grade, and the Easter Bunny, end it early.

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Perhaps banning is going a bit far, but I believe that Santa Claus is more bad than good.

First and foremost, it is offensive to Christians, for whom Christmas actually has a meaning, which Santa commercializes too much, distracting young children from the "true meaning of Christmas", which now ceases to exist.

Santa and Christmas trees actually have nothing to do with the religious celebration of Christmas at all, they are just traditions that originated hundreds of years ago and have now evolved into massive money-grabbers for department stores.

Also, it can be rather painful when children learn that Santa doesn't actually exist, as well as common ways in which this occurs. It's interesting how well all people, from TV personalities to teachers, to relatives, can pretend that Santa exists around Christmas time. I was a toddler when I figured out that there's no such thing as Santa (it was just my uncle in a red jacket), and I now hate going out at Christmas time and seeing people dressed up handing out lollies and taking photos. I feel that it is disadvantaging the kids who are being brought up with a lie.

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icwhyte(64) Disputed
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First of all, just because your childhood wasn't perfect doesn't mean that all the other people who have a good time at Christmas should go without due to your trauma. Secondly, you are right, the Christmas tree comes from the Woden worshipers who used the evergreen as a symbol for life as everything else died during the harsh Scandinavian winters. Finally Jesus was born in September/October time not December 25 which was a pagan holiday celebrating the sol invictus. In conclusion, don't be such a stick in the mud!

Pedophiles will usually work around children if they can and banning Santa will not reduce anything noticeably except the happiness of the holiday spirit

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laurjohn(97) Disputed
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"just because your childhood wasn't perfect doesn't mean that all the other people who have a good time at Christmas should go without due to your trauma."

I am not THAT selfish- I did not experience any trauma by discovering that Santa was not real. (I did however, anger my parents and my first elementary teacher when I yelled out to the class and all present at my family's christmas party that Santa was all just a scam to get us kids to be good), but I have known various people who don't like the idea of a fictional character being the main focus on Christmas celebrations. In some situations, it can be a bit weird to witness the ways in which Santa Claus has been portrayed. For example, I know a family with 9-15 year old kids who still firmly believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, and all that sort of thing. I also know a family dedicated to the catholic religion, in which the children have been deliberately been brought up to believe that Santa is bad and is a complete myth.

I would like to state that I did not mention pedophiles in my argument, rather, as yet they have only been mentioned by TERMINATOR in the description to this debate, and me and a lot of people my age have said that we would be much happier at Christmas time if Santa Claus didn't exist.

I have to admit I wasn't expecting people to take a minor subject like this so seriously.

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brycer2012(1002) Disputed
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Boohoo..would you like a tissue. Finding out that your parents...or uncle is Santa Claus is not that heartbreaking, I don't see many people committing suicide because they found out that Santa wasn't real. I found out when I was young, but I didn't go crazy over it. Saint Nicholas or Nicholas of Myra was actually a christian Greek that gave presents to people and performed many miracles. If a person wants a kid that bad, they will find other ways of getting to them.

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When people were young, most of their parents probably would have taught them that good things will happen to them if you be good yourself. It is an ideal way in teaching them to do good deeds, and when they gradually get older, they'll understand.

What is to be gained in spoiling this?

And what better way to instill the idea of generosity and selfless giving than by the example of a friendly stranger coming in the night and leaving gifts for good children while asking for nothing of material value in return?

Also, have you thought about the outcome if Santa was to be banned, Santa toys will be thrown out, Santa multi-million dollar movies will wasted and parents will have to think of new ways to make Christmas more interesting for the children.

And what will happen to the CHristmas spirit?...

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Santa Claus is a beautiful belief and children should always be encouraged to see Santa Claus during the Christmas Season.

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