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Saurbaby needs your help!!

I am in need of a new username, and who better to ask than you lovely users of cd to help. 

 What should my new username be?

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SabrinaRina 😉

Saurbaby(5579) Clarified
1 point

This would be my second choice, and Rina was my childhood cat growing up X)

How about Nutmeg ;)

Saurbaby(5579) Clarified
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As of right now Joe is winning with this suggestion. I like it :)

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Whatever you want it to be.

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LonelyMountain would be my first recommendation. If that is not to your liking, perhaps saurwoman

Saurosaurus, maybe?

Sweet baby...oh... wait.... it's saurbaby not sourbaby... never mind ;)

What's a saurbaby?

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Megara? =)

How about Sourbaby ?

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Smaug the Terrible

Goochiemama. Or Xxpussys1ay3rxX. Or XxL337Qu1cksc0p3s420xX .