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 Schiff’s Clown Show and the Drag Queen (6)

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Schiff’s Clown Show and the Drag Queen

This perfectly sums up the Schiff Show.

A drag queen donning a micro-mini red dress and huge blonde wig sashayed into Schiff’s Clown Show hearings on Wednesday.


Pissi Myles, a drag queen from Asbury Park, New Jersey made his way through security and caused quite a scene.

But the Democrat-media complex says the impeachment hearings are not a circus.

Could the Drag Queen be the Democrat's girlfriend after all he is from Burbank , California.

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CNN is reporting that Schiff is going to call the Drag Queen as a witness to speak about the now infamous phone call.

This is a good example how all this LGBT activism is scaring law enforcement from stopping any wacko from walking into Government buildings.

Before Progressive's started embracing unnatural abnormal sexual orientations, rational people understood drag queens to be whacked out people trying to garner attention from their dysfunctional disorders.

But now we see law enforcement witnessing a drag queen at Congressional hearings, and doing nothing! We are seeing the slippery slope of all this LGBT hysteria.

FerretHole(113) Disputed
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Everything that exists in nature (i.e everything) is natural.


Abnormal doesn't mean "bad" and normal doesn't mean "good". You are using weak, arbitrary words to justify labeling people as freaks and abominations.

now we see law enforcement witnessing a drag queen at Congressional hearings, and doing nothing!

So you want to have people kicked out of congressional hearings for being transgender. How is that not discrimination? You are a bigoted, foolish hypocrite.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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You are such a waste of time to debate. YOU CONSTANTLY use words such as freaks and abominations (that I never mentioned) to try and ridicule me. FOOL!

Drag Queens dress up in absolutely ridiculous costumes and makeup, and do so in stage acts to entertain people who actually thinks it is funny.

For any law enforcement officers not to question a Drag Queen to why they are at the hearings, shows how brainwashed our nation has become by this absolute hysteria with LGBT activism. Anyone who dresses up like that is not to be taken seriously.