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School Cage Fights: Should there be charges?

A high school principal and his security staff shut feuding students in a steel cage to settle disputes with bare-knuckle fistfights, according to an internal report by the Dallas Independent School District.  The principal of South Oak Cliff High School, Donald Moten, was accused by several school employees of sanctioning the “cage fights” between students in a steel equipment enclosure in a boy’s locker room, where “troubled” youth fought while a security guard watched, according to the confidential March 2008 report first obtained by The Dallas Morning News.  The district referred the matter to its police force, the report states, but no charges have been filed.

From The New York Times

Should charges be filed against those who ran the school and these fights?  What should be done if not?


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The money could go to the purchase of stuff they could use int hey fight. They could use the money to buy a spiked club.

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Yes there should be charges filed. I can only start to imagine the extreme emotional state those kids were put in. I agree a little boxing to settle a dispute or disagreement can be in order sometimes putting teenagers in a cage and telling them they have to fight it out is ridiculous and a blatant misuse of power on behalf of the principal and anyone who participated. It sounds to me like the school staff needed entertainment. The school in question is also in a poverty ridden neighborhood and these kids don't need anyone else bringing violence to them.

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That type of Spartan barbarianism should not be allowed. Any school that stages such fights should be held responsible.

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Of course not. This happened in Texas. I don't expect anything different. ;)

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bushhaterr(32) Disputed
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I wouldn't expect anything different from such a small, closed-minded individual.

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Of course not, all school cage fights should be free admission, I mean they're not even professionals...

Oh, did you mean should they get in trouble?

I have a different view on this. I actually think fights (without weapons) are good for young boys. It lets out agression, and 99 times out of 100 the two have a respect for eachother after, instead of being pissed basically the rest of their lives.

I mean, they should be broken up before they get out of hand, but if no one is seriously hurt, I say "don't do it again," and let it be.

Really, would Columbine have happened if those kids were in a fight club? I don't think so. Maybe I'm wrong.

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"would Columbine have happened if those kids were in a fight club?"

Probably not, but it would also not have happened if they were in football wrestling or involved in much of anything for that matter. I'm no columbine expert, I don't know what those kids classes were but I doubt they were all that involved in school activity. (And I have a pretty good idea of what music and video games they liked.) That is not where the solution is because you can't force young people to be involved. You have to inspire them.

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Haha... Some good points. I'd pay to see that, though.

Your argument makes me think. I guess our American sheltered lifestyle's a bit too sensitive and politically correct to even consider this, right? ;)

But yeah some good points.

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