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 School Lunch guidelines rolled back on Michelle Obama’s Birthday (18)

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School Lunch guidelines rolled back on Michelle Obama’s Birthday

Is it a coincidence that the new school lunch guidelines were announced on the birthday of Michelle Obama? The signature initiative of the former first lady was introducing meal guidelines that she deemed healthier for school children in grades K-12. Who among us doesn’t remember the photos of Michelle working in her White House vegetable garden in super-expensive sneakers? She incorporated a “Let’s Move!” exercise initiative along with the school nutrition program.

The problem with government nanny initiatives coming out of Washington, D.C. is that a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works across the country. 
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It is typical of a Democrat to try and tell the masses what to eat and what is healthy for them when they no idea what they are talking about.

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She has a congenital expertise on how to catch, cook and gobble bushtucker.

This 'Big Mama' could teach Crocodile Dundee a thing or two about alfresco dining beside the billabong.

Chinaman(2996) Clarified
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Americans don't need DC to explain to us what children should eat. DC and the Democrats can that noise and shove it.

seanB(951) Disputed
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Nobody is trying to tell parents what their children should eat. This initiative was focused on the meals provided IN SCHOOLS. You know, those places where the government mandate children to be for 6 hours a day from the ages of 4 to 16?

If the government want those institutions to serve healthier foods, it is the government's prerogative to do that. Particularly if it makes children healthier. You know, that group of people who are under the protection of the state and for whom society has a responsibility to care?

No child should be eating cheeseburgers and fries every day for lunch, and if they have to change the menu in order to stop that from happening, then so be it!

What's wrong with roast chicken and vegetables?

As for "athletes needing higher quality food", athletes eat healthily, as a matter of necessity. You won't catch an athlete eating burger and fries day in day out.

seanB(951) Disputed
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What a racist cunt. Get back to your baba ghanoush and hummus, you arsehole.