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 Science, Doctors & so called experts finally admit what the data & Trump said all along... (32)

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Science, Doctors & so called experts finally admit what the data & Trump said all along...

The numbers of children getting Covid from schools and spreading it to others is MINISCULE! All this fear mongering from Democrats was purely fictional in order to hurt Trump. They have treated this pandemic from the beginning as a means to defeating Trump. It is truly disgusting how corrupt these people are.
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Oh and I agree that media has gone haywire with COVID and spread a bunch of nonsense. And the truth is I really don’t care if some of you die. Especially if you were out looking for it. Survival of the fitness right ?

BUT what I do know is the conditions my brother ( EMT ) and my friend ( nurse ) in March. The amount of work they had was inhumane and was real. THIS IS undebatable.

So out of respect, I ask some of you to please not dismiss and ignore their work.

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Where I’m from it is known that children are the least at risk of being seriously sick.

Honestly, we all need to remember the original problem here: the health care system cannot handle a big number of people being sick all at once.

Therefore, doing whatever we can to slow the spread and will make sure that we don’t overwhelm the healthcare system.

We all know that COVID will often lead to hospitalization for old people and weak people (small percentage of the population). This percentage however is too much for the hospitals. The hospitals do not have enough staff and enough space for this amount of sick people.

that’s it. I don’t understand how politics can come into this debate. this is simply based on logic and simple facts. The simple facts are :

(1) COVID dangerously affects a small percentage of the population

(2) this affected percentage = too much in quantity for the hospitals

(3) overwhelmed hospitals = no doctors and nurses available anymore

(4) quarantine and mask just slows down the spread in order to avoid that everyone will be sick all at once

Simple. No debate.

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You do know that's how science works, right? There was and still is a real fear that children could get it however early on when this was happening they found children less at risk. That doesn't mean kids can't be carriers and since many kids have family members at home who are at high risk there is still a concern. School are busting their behinds trying to make this as safe as possible and they are doing a really good job with it. Colleges have not been doing as well because you can't control college kids the way you can the younger one's.

"This does not mean the risk of contracting the coronavirus is zero. Poor and inconsistent reporting in many parts of the country means that experts do not yet have a full view of the situation, and most schools have been open for only a few weeks. It’s also unclear how closely the incidence of the coronavirus in schools is tied to policies in schools such as mandatory mask-wearing.

Most of the nation’s largest districts opened with fully remote teaching, so the data are largely from smaller communities. And the pandemic may grow worse as flu season and winter approaches.

But the fact that large swaths of the country opened for in-person school while others did not offers the more cautious districts a chance to observe how things have gone elsewhere in charting their next steps."

Trump has consistently downplayed it from the beginning and somewhere around 268,000 Americans have paid the ultimate price. Listen to the science, not some orange buffoon with a sharpie.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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Trump is the one who has been listening to Science. You on the other hand have been listening to corrupt Democrats who have been trying to over throw Trump's Presidency for his entire term!

The Science and data from the very beginning has told us that kids handle Covid VERY VERY WELL, and seldom transfer it to family members!

Here you are still repeating the same old tired lies from the Left as to blame Trump for the deaths. GET REAL! Bleeding heart Sociaist Europe has had the same problems in their nation! IT'S NOT TRUMP'S FAULT!

Try blaming China just once in your life! Trump probably saved many many lives when he so early on banned China flights, while Biden criticized him for it!

Schools are not safe because they did a good job with Covid rules. Schools are safe because kids do not get or spread this diseases very easily. PERIOD! Those are the facts and data from the so called experts.

I will continue to listen to common sense from the Orange Nobel Peace Prize nominee President because he is not a politician. He is the exact opposite from trained politicians who have perfected the art of lying to the low end peasants who gladly vote for their free stuff at the expense of the working man.

Trump was defeated by a coup from the biased media. PERIOD! These corrupt media outlets buried every story hurting Demcrats, and cheer leaded every story hurting Trump. If you don't get that, then there is little hope for that type of ignorance.

Mint_tea(4641) Disputed
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In what world was Trump listening to science? Has he been proactive in wearing masks? No. Has he actively encouraged his followers to practice social distancing and wearing masks? No. He stood up there and downplayed every bit of this, wanting to create venue's that would encourage massive crowd's against the judgement and advise of the scientific community and his own advisers, just to make himself look good.

Of course schools are as safe as they can be because they did a good job listening to scientists and doctors. They are practicing distancing, mask wearing, and cleaning and notifying parents if there is a member in the county that was verified as having a positive test from Covid. In instances, such as colleges, where people AREN'T practicing the recommendations of qualified Doctor's there have been massive outbreaks. Hospitals are STILL trying to find room for the influx of people.

He is the exact opposite from trained politicians who have perfected the art of lying to the low end peasants who gladly vote for their free stuff at the expense of the working man.

You are absolutely right. He hasn't perfected the art of lying which is why it's so easy to see how much of a liar he is. It is VERY clear that he'll get as much as he can at the expense of the working man.

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Probably the reason there aren't as many cases in schools is because not many people are going back to school because of what the experts are saying. If Trump were controlling it the children would be dying, no doubt.

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