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 Science fiction predicted everything that's happening now? What do you think? (54)

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Science fiction predicted everything that's happening now? What do you think?

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Science Fiction has predicted a lot, William Gibson pretty much predicted the use of portable computers with his Cyber Punk books and a Clockwork Orange predicted Joy Riding and other youthful anti social behaviour that did'nt exist in 1962, i'm still waiting for my time machine though!!

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I think joy riding has existed since some dude stole his fathers horse to ride around town and pick up bitches.

TheAshman(2299) Disputed
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Back in 1962 when the book was written not many people owned cars in the UK because of the cost so Joy Riding was'nt the phenomonon that it has now become

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It seems like it's doing a pretty good job. 1984 predicted that we would become socialist and Brave New World predicted a complete decline in morality. It seems like both became true.

also dont forget the soma aka redbull/5 hour energy, its sad people take this shit over a tiny joint

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Oh, in what way has the United States became socialist? Please do tell.

And please show me the decline in morality. I'm interested in hearing.

Thewayitis(4071) Clarified
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Since I'm not really disputing you but informing you, I choose clarify.

Some people would claim that working to help the poor and lower middle class is a push toward socialism. Things like mandated health care, college grants, welfare programs, etc. lean toward socialism on a small scale.

As far as the decline in morality, I don't know if there is any more decline now then what has always been. What I do know is that the acts of immorality now are on a larger scale, such as Madoff, Enron, BP oil spill, etc.

GeneralLee(134) Disputed
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All right, where shall I begin?

1. The allowance of tapping into any cell or landline phone to listen in on our conversations, the interception of any and all text messages, the interception of any and all emails, the unwarranted allowance of tracking devices on our vehicles (, the list could go on and on. I mean come on, the evidence is everywhere. Just open your eyes.

2. The tolerance of sex before marriage, the tolerance of sex with more than one partner, cheating on your partner becoming common ( In college, I overheard a conversation of a guy sleeping with THREE women behind their backs! Do you not see this??

Hellno, care to actually write something instead of randomly down voting it?

At least defend your position.

I haven't even made a statement confirming or denying what he said, I'm only asking for his evidence at this point.

Plato believed art imitated life, and Aristotle believed life imitated art.

I didn't believe that science fiction predicted anything, it just opens the door for creativity. In conclusion I side with Aristotle and believe life imitates art.

Science Fiction did not predict that an African-American would become President of the United States in 2008.