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Scott McClellan- Backstabber or Whistleblower?

Is he doing the right thing?


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While McClellan is indeed a backstabber, the repercussions of his actions will probably be for the better. Maybe with a man who worked alongside Bush pointing out the faults and disasters this administration brought, the 20% or so of the American public that still has faith in the incompetent president will finally realize the damage that has been done.

My main beef with this guy is that he continued to work with Bush for years, even commenting that the president's actions regarding Katrina would set the stage for his second term in office, and he didn't speak up until now? We needed this sort of criticism four years ago, not now when Bush is at the end of his second term. There have been plenty of whistle blowers, ones that spoke up in a timely manner. People whose words may not carry the same weight as McClellan's, but were on the scene when it really did matter.

This issue isn't as cut-and-dry as it may seem, but due to the circumstances regarding his criticism (primarily the timeliness of it) he's more of a sellout than a patriot. Though it's relieving that at least one neo-con is speaking out against Bush for once (even if he is doing it for the money).

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McClellan is doing this for the $$$. From personal experience not to me directly but to my spouse, I have seen employees leave that were marginal in their position (like McClellan), asked to leave (like McClellan), who go forth and tell information like they were part of the decision process but were not (like McClellan) and expect everyone to believe them. He was the press secretary to the White House and not part of the inner circle. He did not make decisions and if you listen to his interviews he is speculating and making personal assumption on 100% of the stuff he is trying to sell as factual. I feel sorry for this person as a wanna-be who has higher opinions of himself than were realized.

He dealt with the press-the press cannot not get anything right-why should anyone believe that he is right now?

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Backstabber, yes!

He was a backstabber. Now he's hero.

Liars stab democracy.

Bush still is still stabbing.

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McClellan, was indeed a backstabber. He was P.R., if he did not do this, people might have assumed that the reason for the Bush Administration looking so bad was because he didn't do a good job. This might destroy or severely hurt his future career prospects.

By doing this, he would make more money. Apparently, if you make a book that sells, you are set for your future. Bill Clinton did it, and now McClellen is doing it.

Who needs a career when publicity can make you tons of money and let you live an easy life?

HOWEVER, he MUST be put in jail. That kind of leak comprimises the countries security... It is ridiculous during a time of war.

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heelspider(109) Disputed
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Whoa, since when were Republicans against people doing every little thing possible to make money? I thought this was pretty much the Republican mantra.

Please explain what information exactly did McClellan leak that was illegal? I seem to recall Rove leaking infomation that is directly specified as illegal. Are you calling for him to go to jail, too? People who say things you don't like should go to jail, I guess.

Personally, I think open government and democracy go hand in hand.

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I do not know him

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McClellan is clearly just trying to make money off of an American public who want to hate their President even more. He was a former White House official and should not stab his former employer in the back by writing a book about the administration's "decision to turn away from candor and honesty when those qualities were most needed"

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I think McClellan is doing the right thing by telling the American Public about the series of failures that has occurred with the current administration. From the response to Katrina to the decision to go to war in Iraq, to allowing the economy to collapse, the administration's litany of failures is stunning and we should have more information about what happened and how it happened.

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i think he is merely adding more validity to what anyone who's been paying attention can see clearly for themselves. i haven't read the book, and i do question his motives. meaning, he won't be able to get a job or may even be prosecuted due to his role in the george bush white house, so maybe he's just covering his back on this one. the fact remains, this administration has been responsible for so many crimes, and he's simply adding more validity and transparency to them... i haven't read the book, but there obviously must be some truth to it, since Rove, the White House, former employees, etc., while being angry or embarrassed, won't come out and say that he's lying. they're just upset that they've been completely outed. i'm glad that he did it. while his motives might not be upstanding, i'm glad someone has come out and admitted he did wrong, as did the administration.

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There is no reason to believe what he says isn't true .... he's just reiterating what we already know. He should be considered a Patriot for not playing the partisan politics game.

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The reception that McClellen's book is receiving exemplifies the point that he is making! Its really eye-opening to see how Bush's insiders are circling the wagons to discredit and diminish McClellen. It seems like every time a staffer (past or present) opens his/her mouth the same 3 talking points come out.

I used to think that McClellen didn't have a soul. Now I think he might have half of one. At the end of the day, its nice to know but too little too late.

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What McClellan did in writing that book was right but i think it was too late. But at least he gives further evidence and voice for what those of us who have not been living in denial already knew. His book will probably not do much but it is the reaction by the remaining members of the bush administration that will expose the corruption and lengths that that group of people are willing to go to maintain power and pride.

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Both. In blowing the whistle he stabbed some backs. I picked whistle blower by virtue that it was the intention.

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It was simple. Once Bush admitted to McClellan he was involved in the Valerie Plame scandal after denying it for so long, McClellan started looking for a way out.

And yet congress still will not impeach the administration.

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Go Scott!!

I love how people that tell the truth are traitor's, and people that Lie endlessly (Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rove, Libby, Rumsfeld, etc..) are patriots...

so to repeat myself. Approving of:

Torture, War, Lying, Spying, Rendition, Waterboarding, Signing statements, secret prisions, 9 trillion dollar debt, stealing elections=PATRIOT


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I believe McClellan is attempting to rise above the imposed dichotomy that has gripped our political parties. At some point we have to have a serious debate about what is right and not let which sides we have chosen in politics to determine what we say. McClellan is a whistleblower because he is reporting information to an uninformed public and through this helps us gain an important insight on the motivations of the most secretive presidency in American History. Republicans cannot dismiss McClellan's words so they resort to character attacks and misrepresentation.

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While it is easy to look at someone as just going into selling a book for the money, it can be hard to remember the implications that publicizing the same said book to the public and the legal ramifications thereof (even people tagging on the argument are already requesting that he be put in jail).

At the same time, and very disconcerting, it is sad that this information isn't made known to the American people. There are ways of conveying information without compromising national secrets. "The secret is where two people meet, not that they met," is the mindset that can be approached to relay information to us as a people. Only waiting until the end of the presidents term(s) means, to me, that he is capitalizing on both the Presidents' time in office as well as his affiliation to the President.

He can still, at the very least, be lauded for confirming things that many people were beginning to worry had happened.

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