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Segregation still exists

This is the meaning of segregation
2 a : the separation or isolation of a race, class, or ethnic group by enforced or voluntary residence in a restricted area, by barriers to social intercourse, by separate educational facilities, or by other discriminatory means b : the separation for special treatment or observation of individuals or items from a larger group

Now take into account that there is different ways of interpreting this

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Segregation is more than just black and white. We as a nation isolate ourselves by stigmatizing those that want to physically move to the other side of the great racial divide.

For white families to move outside of the suburbs or places labled as "acceptable for whites" would be labled as being white trash, and ostracized from the white community.

For a black person to want to speak using proper grammar, or those that want to move to a quieter neighborhood. They would be asked the dreaded question "Why are you tryin' to act white?", and will be firmly put into their "place" by their friends, family, or other members of their community.

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As long as black people call white people white, and vice versa, segregation still exists. As long as there are distinct cliques of different nationalities, segregation still exist. As long as immigrants (especially from mexico) have to work harder than others for a job, segregation still exists. Its really that simple.

fire(41) Disputed
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That is more like racial profiling and hardships, and really hasn't much to do with segregation, nice try though.

johnnyboy46(211) Disputed
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If racial profiling isn't segregation, then what is? For example: separate water fountains. Is that not racial profiling? Negro leagues. Is that not racial profiling?

Yes, segregation still exists and I practice it.... which is why I live in a gated community ;)

fire(41) Disputed
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That's funny, but that certainly wasn't what i was talking about. We as different races segregate ourselves as well. We stay with our "people", and live the same way. If a white person has a job available they would sooner give it to the same person of their race, even if the other person was equally (or more) classified for the job.

Conro(767) Disputed
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Is this personal observation of humans, or is it a statistic? I know for a fact, that people in my town see race very little. And rather put people down for being of a different race, people think it's more interesting.

As for whether "We as different races segregate ourselves as well", and spinning off your earlier argument about Blacks and Whites, it seems to be coming from the view that ALL Blacks start off poor, and that one needs to behave White in order to advance. Personally, this is a little naive, (or intentionally ignorant) because there are craploads of poor Whites, and poor Native Americans, and poor Chinese, and poor Japanese, and poor Indians, and poor Mexicans. Additionally, how do you account for all these "wangstas" trying to be Black?