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 Selective Service website crashes amid panic over ‘World War III’ Draft (7)

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Selective Service website crashes amid panic over ‘World War III’ Draft

The website for the United States Selective Service — also known as the “draft” — crashed Friday after media and experts stoked fears of “World War III” between the United States and Iran.

Social media was flooded with concern over whether the United States military would be forced to “draft” unwilling Americans into a third World War, kicked off by a U.S. airstrike in Baghdad taht killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, who was headlining Iran’s efforts to destabilize the already shaky government in Iraq.

Democrats live in Panic Mode as we can see.

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Let the millennial snowflakes sweat a little. Their bubble world of video games and late night Cheetos can use a little real world stress.

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There are cowards, then there are dirty little sniveling bullying cowards like Burihead, then there are Democrats.

Atrag(5550) Disputed
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Trump has literally threatened to commit war crimes against the people of Iran. Completely normal that people don't want to become his soldiers and thus criminal accomplices. Remember: following superior orders is not an excuse.

Chinaman(2984) Clarified
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The president threatened to commit war crimes.

Hey dummy he either committed war crimes or he didn't.

Why do you Leftist support Muslim Terrorist. Got an answer for me.