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Sex on the first date?

A recent article I read had me wondering what everyone at CreateDebate thought about having sex on the first date.

Sex on the first date? (

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There are certain factors to consider:

The decision has to be mutual.

If either side is feeling the least bit of discomfort, then it is probably best to put it off; after all, what is the big rush?

On the other hand, disregarding the more popular decision to not have sex on the first date, if both parties are very attracted to each other and see no qualms with the sex on the first date, they should go ahead with it.

Ultimately, it is up to both parties to decide whether they want to have sex on the first date or not.

Whatever comes of it, all depends on them.

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Actually, for gay men (of which I am one) it all depends. No one is going to consider the guy a slut for doing it; on the other hand, there is a wonderful stream of thought on the younger guys that it shouldn't happen.

Good for them. AIDS is a very big consideration, and you'd better know what you're getting into before hand. (HIV/AIDS volunteer speaking). Think. THINK. A lifetime on debilitating drugs that give you horrible side effects isn't worth a few minutes with ANYONE - no matter how cute and adorable he is!

So - no, won't judge anyone that wants to do it, but please don't do anything stupid you'll regret later. Use a condom, do some common sense stuff too delicate to commit to writing on a non-gay web forum, and for heaven's sake be careful.

End of sermon. You may all rise. :)

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If your old (with one foot in the grave) and you don't know where your next piece of ass is coming from, do it. You might die waiting for the right time ;)

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How else will I know if I like her?

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Personally, no. Unless maybe you had been friends for a long time before then.

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Not if you want a second date, or a relationship out of the deal. You may get more botty calls, but it most likely will not go anywhere.

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BabyBoomerQu(60) Disputed
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Is this question for women having sex on the first date or for men having sex on the first date???

Well now...what a choice...LOL...ofcourse NO...and I do not care if he/she has been your best friend for 10 years...NO

For men or women...NO

The first part of any relationship is always the

should last as long as possible. Make that "I want you feeling" go on as long as possible. Enjoy that new or old renewed relationship grow and get stronger.

You don't build a house with out a foundation...if you do, it will fold in the end, when a good storm comes by.

Southern smiles and world peace,


~The Baby Boomer Queen~

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I would say don't do it unless you're mature enough to put up with the consequences of a lust at first sight encounter. If one does have sex on the first date there are expectations from one side or the other...unless you discussed a "booty call" before the clothes hit the floor. My thought is to get to know each other a bit first. You don't have to be on hold forever but why not be sure that the person is genuinely interested in YOU before giving it all up in a nanosecond? In today's sexual climate I think it would also be wise to find out who your parter is and where they've been! You're only as sexually healthy as your last best. If you feel the need and are that sexually starved or attracted beyond belief then, at the very least, use protection. I would still err on the side of caution though!

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No. Sex should wait at least until engagement, marriage is even better. First date? Hell no.

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tariqsamira(21) Disputed
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That is simply a matter of opinion.

A lot of relationships don't even make it past a few dates much less engagement or marriage.

Everyone has different views and lifestyles.

Not everyone is that conservative that they have qualms about having sex with people they are not committed to.

Despite that, at the very least, they should make sure they know what they are doing and getting into.

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tshare(4) Disputed
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Sure, I guess this is your opinion, but its not rooted in rational thought, just mindless traditions.

Sex is a huge part of EVERY functioning intimate relationship, if you aren't sexually compatible...thats a HUGE problem.

At the most you should wait until you feel in love with the person, at the least you should wait until you are comfortable with that person. If you aren't having sex and you are in love, there is a major problem. Only rational reason is if there is some EXTREME reason why you can't get pregnant, but modern birth control methods, if used properly and many forms, make this almost no issue at all.

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