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Shia Labeouf, liberal actor goes on racist rant towards black cop. Okay or no?

Liberal SJW, Shia LaBeouf, Apologizes After Video Captures Racist Taunting of Black Police Officer


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Racist libs gone wild

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He is an ahole and idiot and quite possibly a mental case. But he doesn't represent liberals any more than a street corner preacher represents conservatives.

And let's add - if you give your kid a name like that odds are they're going to turn out a little weird.

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Will they turn out strange if I name them Bri Zee Wind? *

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Grenache(6054) Disputed
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Well no, not in your case. Because you're Cherokee, right? People would just assume it's one of the Native American names based on actual attributes, like they were born during a wind storm, or they fart a lot like their old man.

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Well, this is just another case of liberals not understanding racism. He was attacking the black cop because he thought the black guy was racist for arresting a white guy. I don't see Shia as racist here, just your typical liberal who doesn't understand racism.

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Hello bront:

OMG! I'm pulling my hair out.. But, I was looking for more pretty pictures...


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You don't have any hair con. We both know that. Communists stole it.

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