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Shoiuld parents have a say in their child's career description ??

Actually there's a debate in my school and I am on the affirmatif side. So, guys plz help me out.. My ID is [email protected] and [email protected]


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Not only should parents have a say, they do.

Parents get a say so between the ages of 0 and about 15/16. You help your children with their homework, and nurture talents.

Ultimately the most successful adults have jobs they love, so the best thing a parent can do is educate their child as much as possible.

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for me, yes.. why? because since we were an infant, we were raised by our parents until we became an adult. Parents have their right to choose the best for their children due to their experience in lifetime. Parents want to choose the best careers for their kids that can guarantee their future,and guide them to understand which career are most needed. Parents also know their child's abilities and weaknesses since they were born. The Bible also said that a child who left on his own will be disgrace to his parents, and it is also been said that parents should guide them to learn good things.

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Children have been raised by their parents since they were born. They should be able to choose whatever career they want and their parents shouldn't be able to tell them no, unless of course the child wants a job at the parents company.

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A child's career path is their own. Parents want to control what their child does in life because it could have been a missed opportunity for them or a mistake in their past. They want to prevent their child from making mistakes, but children need to experience things for themselves and learn from their mistakes.

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I'm not sure what an affirmatif or a shoiuld is, but if you belive parents should be allowed to control their children's lives you are an enemy of the republic.

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