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Shopping Through Internet

Nowadaysmanypeoplearebuyingmobilephones,homeappliances,clothes,booksetc. through internet. 

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Because it is so convenient to do your shopping at home. I go into stores sometimes and the product I want will not be available but I can go on the Internet and find it and then order it.

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We live in a remote area of Australia and do not have access to the type of stores that we need on a regular basis.

Our nearest city is 330 km away, a four hour drive, so we don't go there very often and when we do it is always to buy things we can't get at home.

In between city visits we buy what we can online or order stuff by phone. Delivery is often prohibitive so it becomes a balance between the three and quite often there is a bigger selection and price on the net.

Whilst I support internet shopping in doing so we are changing retail shopping so over time there will become less stores and more online warehouses.

Eventually the Mall will become obsolete and shopping as we know it now will eventually become a thing of the past as small businesses close and the big operators streamline their labour costs.

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No shit. Multiple billions of people use the Internet and have you ever heard of Amazon or Ebay? The point of buying something online is because you don't have to leave your home. You order it and it comes to you. This is a terrible debate.

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I hear what you are saying but it is not as simple as that.

The big online operators fix the price for delivery which can be prohibitive and not what it costs in reality.

I have not bought stuff online simply because the delivery charge was excessively more that the cost of the item.

As I said it is a balance and though there is often more selection online, shopping direct in a store can end up cheaper than buying online.

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This is not true for everything. The first example that comes to my mind are ibooks or kindle books cost a lot less for someone with an iPad.

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Online shopping more advantage .

People may have problem such as delivery service , credit card loan . I'd like to say It is not problem . shopping is west of time . I don' t like shopping . It need going to store , I live in remote city that could take 2 hour a day to get there . 10 year ago I looking for something that I want to buy . I couldn't find out what i want . When i want to buy a book I looking for book in store but difficult to find out I thought It was wast of time . amazon is best place to get item .

I having a discount ticket for online shop .

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