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Should AI be seen as a threat?

AI (artificial intelligence) is the concept that robots or machines can develop cognitive functions like humans. And while the AI that we have now is quite basic, in a few decades, their intelligence might exceed that of humans. Should AI be viewed as a threat of not?


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We can prevent it before it happens, men build those AI unless they are really intended to be a threat such as building them as a killing machine, they can just kill body though like men does. If they can be human-like that has feelings and some men fall in love with it they would probably ask for 'freedom' but they can't reproduce a child not even hybrid. This is the result for making romance books as a childhood hobby. If they exceed human intelligence then it is our cause

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Skynet is the world's first Automated Defense Network, processing information at ninety teraflops. It is the controlling force behind all of the battle units. It pools data from battle units, develops tactics and coordinates attacks. Skynet has control over everything which contains a Cyberdyne Systems CPU. Using the blueprints, designs and test models built by Cyberdyne Systems, Skynet has been able to manufacture battle units in its vast automated factories, occasionally updating them or producing more advanced models. Skynet, or Titan, is a highly advanced artificial intelligence. Once it became self-aware, it saw humanity as a threat to its existence (due to the attempts of the Cyberdyne scientists to "kill" it once it had gained self-awareness), and decided to trigger the nuclear holocaust Judgment Day. Later, it would develop and deploy an army of Terminators against humanity, whose survivors had formed a resistance group.

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