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Should Al Gore give back his noble prize


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Al Gore lied through the whole movie in all out effort to corner the energy market with alternative energy through government coercion.

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his movie about climate change which he won the noble prize lied about the facts and blew them way out of proportion. He lied about what he got his noble so that is cheating. And cheating should not be tolerated.

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Al Gore seems to have claimed many things... His statistics on the matter aren't exactly up to par with the truth. Cheating or lying to obtain something whether intended or not is an unacceptable thing in its own right.

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If Gore gives it back then so should Obama. He was even to embarrased to get it.

Also Carter......was a joke.

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Carter created the only lasting peace deal Israel has ever seen.

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churchmouse(328) Disputed
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Carter is an American traitor, the only thing he ever did was to campaign for the Nobel Peace Prize......

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