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 Should All People Have the Right to Be Parents? (4)

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Should All People Have the Right to Be Parents?

Should certain people be restricted from being parents because of mental or physical disabilities?  What kind of environments would be detrimental to children? 

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How do you determine if somebody should become a parent?

Should an intelligent, caring, nurturing, and wealthy person be allowed to parent if they have physical limitations like early onset arthritis or are paraplegic?

Consider if they are kind, wealthy, and physically able- but just plain unintelligent. Well intentioned people with inherited wealth can be almost impressively dumb, which cannot be beneficial for their children.

Lastly, if a person meets all of the capability criteria, but they are complete assholes. I mean, absolute jerks. Not physically abusive, not tortuous, just mean, rude obnoxious people. Are they capable of raising a child?

Aside from the topic of what makes 'acceptable' parents...

How would you regulate 'unacceptable' pregnancies?

Would you make it illegal for them to copulate at all?

Would you mandate an abortion, even against their religious beliefs or ideology?

Would you force the child to go into an adoption agency, exacerbating the detrimental effects within adoption agencies that are caused by insufficient individual nurturing, while clogging the system with more children than it can bare?

In the end, I have to say that limiting who can and cannot have children sounds

1) impossible to enforce

2) difficult to define

3) dangerously close to eugenics

and so I would not suggest it.

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nope .................................................................................................................................................................

Side: yes because the alternative is worse
protazoa(427) Disputed
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although your line of ellipses is rather impressive, would you care to elaborate on your point?

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Above statement considered, as are many arguements of it suggesting a lean towards eugenics, however i do believe something, somehow has to be done. It is probably something impossible to resolve, but if all things considered, such as the side effects caused by those less "fortunate" in life, i think some genius somewhere should get to work on it.

This is not to suggest in any way that rich kids can't and don't cause harm to society, but i think overall the arguement is in their favour. I think the point i am trying to make in a roundabout way, is that seemingly people cannot be left to be responsible by themselves, so that decision making process has to be taken out of their hands, and whereas i can see and read of all the negatives with this line of thinking, i am tired of hearing complaints of this that and the other in relation to societal problems when no one wants to take a hard, and more likely unpopular view.

All i have stated is an opinion based on observations and a few things i've read, so call it an ignorant opinion if u so wish, but even if what is being suggested is "wrong", then what is/are the solution/s.

Side: yes because the alternative is worse