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Should America Go to War With Great Britain?

The American Revolution is a turning point in the history of not only the United States, but the world.

The year is 1774. Since the end of the French and Indian War, the British government has taken many controversial actions in the colonies. Now the colonists have come together to decide whether to rebel against the British government. During this town meeting, you will try to persuade everyone to join your side.


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I feel that Monarchy/Feudalism is an oppressive system which exalts people based on arbitrary privilege rather than merit. If we declare independence we will have a chance at Liberal Democracy, which is far from perfect yet far superior to British tyranny. The British as a culture tend to be crude people who mask their barbaric nature with pseudo-intellectual words and an air of civility, and they are quick to conflate theory with fact and fact with faith. I think we should distance ourselves from such a culture, perhaps not entirely, but in many respects. In the version of history where I was one of the founding fathers though, let's try to beat them to the punch and establish Socialism in the US before the European countries do.

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