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World economic collapse. Saudi is now our enemy.
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 World economic collapse. (1)
 Saudi is now our enemy. (2)

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Should America, and its allies invade Saudi Arabia and take control of OUR oil?

Russia and Saudi Arabia have collectively connived with each other to plunge the  economies of the industrialized world into even deeper recession with the ultimate goal of creating a severe DEPRESSION. .
Saudi has announced a 2 million barrel per day reduction in oil output and the Ruskies have blown up their own Nord Stream pipeline to completely starve Europe of its gas and oil. 

World economic collapse.

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Saudi is now our enemy.

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The dilemma of the century.

A) Biden THE IMBECILE closed down all of our domestic oil production, drained our strategic reserves to an all time low of 28 days and turned us from being, not only a self-sufficient energy nation, but also an oil exporter, into an oil & gas importer.

B) Biden and his puppet-masters haven't the political courage to take the steps to secure the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, or even making well advertised preparations of doing so in the hope that the authoritarian dictatorship of assassinators will see the wisdom of incurring the wrath of Uncle Sam.

C) Due to the aforementioned administration failings and flaws we're still left with the dilemma of how to hell to get our own and the world's economy moving again.

Is it, long snaking queues to the soup kitchens and the destitute citizens asking, '' can you spare a dime buddy''?

In Biden THE IMBECILE'S America I'm certain we'll all meet up in 'the soup queues.

Side: World economic collapse.
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Alaska has more oil than the Saudis could ever dream of, but the left are virtue signaling on the climate, so no digging allowed because reasons.

Side: Saudi is now our enemy.
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It absolutely beggars belief how 81 million American Turkeys voted for Christmas/Thanks Giving Day.

On his inauguration Biden THE IMBECILE didn't figure that by cancelling the Keystone pipeline and shutting down all other oil production facilities HE was placing our country in the vulnerable position of depending on our enemies for our energy requirements.

THE IMBECILE STILL TO THIS DAY can't understand that to a greater or lesser extent EVERYTHING has to incur transport costs to & from the market place and from the market place to the end-user.

Hey IMBECILE, with astronomically high fuel prices guess which way inflation is going.


Side: Saudi is now our enemy.