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Should Animals be kept in the captivity of zoos?

Should we keep animals in captivity or should they be free to be in the wild?


Yes, the animals should

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I think wild capture should be avoided in almost every case but I'm not anti-zoo. A good zoo provides adequate space, care and stimulation for its animals and even though this isn't comparable to the freedom they would have if they were wild-born, it's not an unsafe or uncomfortable life. Also, it's an arrangement that has valuable returns. Lots of zoos use their profits to subsidize conservation efforts or dedicate facilities to breeding programs, and this has kept some species from extinction.

Then there's also the public relations aspect. People will only act to save animals they care about, and generally, they only care about animals they can come to know. Zoos help the public connect with animals in a way that ideally helps them see the value of biodiversity. They can also provide education about the natural world and conservation.

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I think they should because then if kids want to actually see a specific animal they could maybe go to the zoo. I think a zoo is you go there just to look at the animals and see what they really look like. Its really no big deal to go to the zoo anyway. I haven't been to the zoo is like a couple of years. I find it quite boring >.<

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OK it is useful for that Case but since animals are born free, human have no rights to put them in cages "just to look at them"

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They should because in the wild they will most likely become extinct while in zoos they can still be in their own habbitat but be safe from captors and animals who find them as prey.

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There's nothing wrong with keeping animals as entertainment/education. As long as the conditions are decent, I see nothing wrong with zoos.

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No! the poor little fuzzy, or not so fuzzy cute animals shouldn't have to listen to all of those screeching children, or see all of those dirty faces smudging the glass. Or being fed bad food!!

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It is unethical and just like you and me an animal should be entitled to a life of the fullest and if there is another option for animals than zoos than that is what should hapPen.

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For all of you who imagine some monkeys in a gigantic cage they could never get tired off... this is hardly ever the case. Their cages are small. They stress because they don't have the room to exercise and so forth. Captivity for an animal is what being a slave is for a human. And even if treated good, wouldn't you like to get out of your neighborhood every now and then? That's not in it for them.

There are parks where allot of different animal species run loose and mangle and you can ride through it with a safari car... but a zoo will never be adequate

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