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Should Conservatives get the same treatment as everyone else?

When MS-13 gang members were called "animals" by Trump, the left went banana sandwich that one would dare call other human beings savage names. But...can you call Conservatives savage names?

When Islam is critisized, liberals go bananas, calling it bigotry. But is critisizing Christian conservatives for their faith, bigotry?

When any minority is referred to by names or slurs, the left loses its mind. But if people call Conservatives of any race names or slurs, is it okay?

Should conservatives get the same treatment as humans, religious people, and minorities, seeing they are composed of all three? Yes or no?


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You are of course 100% correct and don't forget when Hillary called Conservatives who voted for Trump "Deplorable".

Such tolerance from these phony hypocrites.

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Yes of course. This is after all America. We have free speech here.

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The paradox of liberal tolerance is that it extends to Marxists, transsexuals, and Islamic radicals, but not to conservatives.

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