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Should Create Debate be "selective" in its participants?

Create Debate has many private Quarters, you know like private debate communities and such. But.... what's the point? I mean if the decorum of create debate is to be inclusive then it should be just that shouldn't it?  If not then should it not "restrict" its pool of participants rather than provide private forums that marginalize unwanted guests? Is it hypocritical to claim an open and democratic public community with several layers of private corners of prejudice? I bring this up because today's world is evolving into a world community yet more and more small groups of wealthy individuals stubbornly retain private social structures. 

Is it healthy? Though unintended non inclusiveness results in some people living sheltered lives. This can lead to social fobia. We know that social fobia feeds predjudice against all people poorer,less educated,religiously different and sicially diverse than the "sheltered ones". This marginalization migrates from private quarters to public forums. I ask the question.... "Is it Healthy"?


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