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Should Doctor Aided Suicide Be Legal.

I wanna know...tell me.


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It not only should be legal, it is legal in several states. This is catching on like the legalization of marijuana. Dr assisted suicide will be legal coast to coast in a few years. Some of the backward slave states will resist but they'll eventually cave in. The South always caves in.

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I put this "argument" on this side of the column because I have to post a argument in order to post the debate.

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Suicide should be legal with or without a doctor..........................

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Suicide is a good way for population control. I think it should be legal.

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YES DEFINITELY!! It absolutely infuriates me when people would let someone die long and painfully!! We put animals down - do humans deserve more suffering than dogs? It’s the BIBLE THUMPERS - evil freaking knuckle draggers

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Comitting suicide is a cowardly action, and probably the worst because it is irreversible

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