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Should Exotic Pets be banned?

Should exotic pets be banned? If so, which ones? 

Yes, they should be banned

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No, they shouldn't be banned

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Pets should not be forced to give you a lap dance and some have difficulty using the pole and..., wait..., are we talking the same thing? Never mind ;)

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Exotic pets do not belong in the neighborhood. They can escape and cause havoc.

Side: Yes, they should be banned
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No, but certain people should be banned from having them. I watched a very interesting Louis Theroux program om exotic pets in the home. The majority of people featured were very responsible. All animals had adequate living space, food supplies, and physical activity. The owners were a little quirky, but they were good to the animals. There was one guy who said he would rather shoot all his animals (a few hundred by the way) then have them taken away and maltreated. Although that statement is somewhat ironic, I have a great deal of respect for a man that thinks of the big picture.

Of course, there are some morons that shouldn't be in the same room with tigers and chimps. Also features was a woman who had a few dozen primates. She was the owner of a chimp, who I think was called Mollie. Mollie had viciously attacked the owner's neighbour, they required reconstructive surgery. The owner spouted some balderdash about how it was natural. Again, ironic, I didn't think being stuck in a 2 metre hut was natural either. So people like her should never be allowed exotic animals.

But with strict background checks, I see no reason why a professional couldn't domesticate a bear like a dog.

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I totally agree that they shouldn't be band. Being unique is what makes the world go round.

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I think that if the animals is kept under control, was got legally, has good living conditions and isn't from an endangered species it should be allowed to be a pet. If they are looked after properly they can have a great life but I don't think endangered species should be kept as pets because they are needed to keep there species going

Side: No, they shouldn't be banned