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Should Fat people be allowed to reproduce?


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Literally I do not understand this. It isn't even a question really...overweight people have the same reproductive systems as any other person...that's literally like saying is anxious people allowed to reproduce, overweight, average weight, or underweight can reproduce without a problem and it's ridiculous how people would even entertain the idea of no. Overweightness is not in genetics...metabolism is but doesn't mean the child will become overweight...weight is just a fucking number and this is honestly a pathetic question

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ProLogos(2794) Disputed
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If you don't understand then you should ask questions before you respond so that you can understand.

How can you believe to respond relevantly if you don't understand the topic?

Its definitely a question. I added the question mark to make sure of that.

Do you really think everyone has the same reproductive system? That would mean that we'd all looked similar and process the same way.

It is not like asking "Is anxious people allowed to reproduce", the terms are not even similar.

Metabolism is genetics and if overweightness is metabolism then overweightness is genetics.

Weight is not just a number, it affects many bodily functions.

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Foxglove(205) Clarified
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I assume ProLogos is referring more to the nature of upbringing they could give a child predicated on their nutritional choices as opposed to their capability of the physical act of reproduction. So I shall say this: if the person has reached the stage where they recognise the harmful effects of their corpulence and is actively working to combat it then it indicates that they will apply the same principle when it comes to their children so of course. Until then, however, the concentration must first be on self-care before childcare.

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ProLogos(2794) Clarified
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Do you have any contention?

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