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 Should GOP still try to extend bush tax cuts now that the Dems are piling on the pork? (2)

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Should GOP still try to extend bush tax cuts now that the Dems are piling on the pork?

WASHINGTON (AP) — In the spirit of the holiday season, President Barack Obama’s tax-cut deal with Republicans is becoming a Christmas tree tinseled with gifts for lobbyists and lawmakers...

The tax deal, reached behind the scenes and still informal, now includes ethanol subsidies for rural folks, commuter tax breaks

for their cousins in the cities and suburbs and wind and solar grants for the environmentalists — all aimed at winning votes, particularly from reluctant Democrats.

The holiday additions are being hung on the big bill that was Congress’ main reason for spending December in Washington, long after the elections that will give Republicans new power in January. The measure will extend Bush-era tax cuts, averting big tax increases for nearly all Americans, and keep jobless benefits flowing.

Republicans generally liked that agreement, worked out by Obama and GOP leaders. Democrats generally didn’t, hence the add-ons....



This is an informative peace by "The Daily Caller", here is the link if anyone wants to read the whole peice:

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The democrats have done it again... taken a decent piece of legislation and loaded it with pork barrel spending... because the government just has sooooo much money to spend right now... I mean we really need to balance the tax cuts so the American people actually end up paying more taxes, right? psh, this bill has been violated... democrats don't now the meaning of the word they love to push on the rest of humanity so much: compromise!

Side: The dems have butchered it

Most of the GOP are Obama obstructionists and their contrary measures will serve no good.

Side: The dems have butchered it