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 Should Gay Marriage Be Legal? (9)

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Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?

The question states it. I say yes. CHRISTIANS HERE WE GO! Can't wait  for your answers. 

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There is no reason as to why gay marriage shouldn't be legal. Everyone I've met of whom are against gay marriage have not shown me a good reason to be against it.

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I saw a "Reason for Traditional Marriage" video, (I can't find the link) where the people in the video explained all the good traditional marriage brings to society. They then went on to explain how all these things are just brought on by the government, not the people actually being together, for example shared insurance, shared bank accounts, all of the things that being married ensures you.

Then they tried to rap it up with a quick tidbit about how gay marriage offers none of these 'government appointed' benefits.

It was full of facts on marriage in general none logical against gay marriage. Which leads me to believe, there isn't anything logical against gay marriage.

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I am a liberal Messianic Jew by conversion, so while I disagree with same sex marriage, I am prochoice about it. I support freedom of belief.

riahlize(1573) Clarified
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I'm curious, why do you frequently state that you're a liberal Messianic Jew?

Sitara(11082) Disputed
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None of your business. If people can state that they are atheists, I can state my beliefs. I answer to God alone, and no one else.

Facadeon(510) Clarified
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I disagree with same sex marriage

I just want to say; homosexuality isn't a choice- people don't choose to be ridiculed for the rest of their lives and have their rights taken off them. There have even been people, who have taken their own lives because of being gay. If it was a choice, it would mean that everyone is a bisexual, who must suppress their homosexual side.

Homosexuality is a biological/psychological condition at birth- it is not a choice. This means that, people who are born homosexual are in no way being sinful. If it is just the act of homosex which God finds sinful, he is being oppressive, and is denying a most basic human right- for utterly no viable reason.

Sitara(11082) Disputed
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Sexuality is not a choice, but one's actions are. You choose whether to have sex or to abstain. I never said that sexuality is a choice. You are lying and putting words in my mouth. People do choose who they marry though.

I think the core problem of this debate is that it is so split between rights of church and state due to the varying definitions of marriage. Here is my proposal, all government issued "marriage contracts" are renamed civil union contracts for both gay and straight couples . Then let those couples decide if that means they are married or not and leave everyone else out of it.