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Should George Floyd's killer get the death penalty?

Brother of George Floyd calls for death penalty for police involved

Philonise Floyd said: ‘They need to be convicted and get the death penalty’ while family could meet with prosecutor as early as today


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Don't believe in it

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Everything considered, yes he should.

Such a sentence would send a very heavy message to other gung-ho sadistic cops who seem to place very little value on human life.

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Of course, through his actions this ex-cop has almost certainly signed his own Death Warrant which will be executed sooner or later.

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Probably not. Just put him in a standard prison with the normal population ... and let him live the rest of his life with all of his non-racist friends. ;-)

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I don't believe in the death penalty. I also believe that evil assholes should be locked up forever which I know is more time than he will get unless he meets with an untimely death in prison. Boy that guy must be crapping his pants right about now, and his other 3 goons along with him.

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He should get life without parole and throw away the key. Fuck the death penalty. Make him live with his terrible choices for the rest of his life. And put him in a jail with lots of black inmates too to really mess with him.

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Minnesota doesn't have the death penalty. .

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redhot(213) Disputed
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Minnesota doesn't have the death penalty.

That isn't what you were asked. You were asked a hypothetical question, but you've given an objective answer (and to a different question). That makes you about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

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