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Should Homeless people recieve help?

Should we provide help for the homeless?

Do they need it?

Do they deserve it?

Do they want it?

Can they have it?

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WHat for? >__>

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Yes, I agree to it, They are in need of help subject to that they should accept the things. I'm running a old age home since last five years. I have seen many people coming to my place. It takes them very long time to accept the situation that they are now helpless. They should be helped in such a way that, it doesn't hurt them & their ego.

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Those who are homeless against their will should get help to find an apartment and to reintegrate into mainstream society.

Those who want to stay homeless (and believ me, in European welfare states where they have every chance to get an apartment if they want one there are plenty of those who have gotten so used to homelessness that they want to keep that lifestyle) should find shelters in winter that help them to survive. Denying them those shelters wouldbe cruel.

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Kiimeh(66) Disputed
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I agree with you on that, but can you be more specific on why they are forced to be homeless?

Some people have taken advantage of welfare. They are being provided for WITHOUT contribution.

How can we expect the homeless to leave themselves in that kind of predicament? You can not apply this to EVERY homeless person.

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People are forced to be homeless if they can't find or afford a place to live.

But even if they are offered a place by teh authorities some homeless people choose to be homeless because tehy are so used to the total independence of their way of life that tehy don't want to change that.

Many homelss people are mentally ill and/or addicted toalcohol and other drugs. Of course you could argue that they haven't contributed anything so they can't expect any help but I would argue that they are ill in a way and deserve help.

Every way of helping poor people, by government or by private charity, creates a perverse incentive because it reduces the pressure to work hard to get out of poverty yourself. But in some cases the perverse incentive is the lesser evil because letting people die or liev in misery would be cruel.

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TERMINATOR(6778) Disputed
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As I recall, a great number of homeless people have FASD.

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Yes "WE" should. Not the government.


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brycer2012(1002) Disputed
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Many people today are barely making it. How can we help support someone else if we have a hard time putting food on the table and paying the mortgage?

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JakeJ(3255) Disputed
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Well if your having a hard time your not in the position to help somebody. It would be up to somebody els.

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The homeless should receive help from the local Government and from people who care.

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homeless shelters!!!! If you build them , they will come.

and distroy a fine community.

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I agree completely.

P.S. You did not spell destroy right.

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Let me be devil's advocate >:]

Hehehe...Well, I think they do NOT deserve it.

They are homeless, so what?

If they want to stay somewhere, we have shelters.

If they deny that, then I don't see why we should force them to accept.

If you wish to give them money,

For all we know, they could spend it on drugs.

And if we give, what do they do in return?

Mooch of others so they don't have to do the hard work?

We work our butts off on money,

just to give it to someone who doesn't work as hard??

From my experience:

Santa Monica.Homeless person sitting, this girl bought a burger from McDonald's. Gave it to him. And guess what he did. GUESS! O:<

He THREW it Right back at her. o___o

So yeah o__o I will add more later [:

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I agree...we already spend lots of taxpayer money on giving to homeless shelters, and (some of us) volunteer a lot of time at the soup kitchen. What more can we do?

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