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Should Homework Be banned ?

Should homework be banned? i belive yes!


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Ok first you have to deal with like 8 hours of school and then another 2 hours of homework. It's like bringing school to your house!!!! What's next a job at the age 9?

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imrigone(761) Disputed
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Oh the drama! Try to going to college, where homework doubles, or grad school, where it triples. Being a competent human being doesn't happen over night, you know.

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casper3912(1581) Disputed
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Actually my college experience has more studying for tests and working on projects than homework, actually in the majority of my math classes homework is optional; the same with some of my engineering classes. Rather than have homework every night in at least 6/7 classes if not all 7, as in highschool, I have homework maybe twice a week in 2 of 6 or something of that nature.

Sure, those two classes might have more difficult hw than high school would but there are also more resources you can use, such as TAs, Free tutors, Assistance centers, meet with the professor, etc.

What exactly is a competent human being anyways?

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It would be nice to see more homework set as classwork instead (perhaps compensated by making each school day an hour or so longer). A lot of kids have few study resources at home, get distracted by TV or their siblings, have no one to ask for help, and so on. Doing their work in class means they'll get an acceptable studying environment and can ask a teacher, provided of course the class is run competently.

Some homework just needs to be done out of class though - like field research.

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Keeping on-task with said present distractions are part of the process of becoming a competent adult. You can't just take out homework because it doesn't apply to the work ethic of our students. Students need to change their work ethic to apply to the real world.

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I was thinking more of children from dysfunctional homes who don't have desks to work on or books to consult, and have to do their homework next to a blaring TV while their dad lies on the couch groaning about his hangover. I do agree that kids need to be trained to stay on task, and homework is a way to do that - but for many kids their environment is so aversive that instead of being trained to do their work, they get trained into ignoring it and later on dropping out of school. For kids like that it would help to have a temporary crutch in the form of supervised work sessions at school, until they're mature enough to appreciate the importance of study and find ways around their problems at home.

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If you never stick on to a little work after school, there is a declination in efficiency. Sometimes it is very helpful with certain people for revision. A lot of it is never encouraged though a small portion would be good.

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