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Should Homosexuals have equal rights - To Marry and Adopt etc ?

Should homosexuals have the same rights as others in every day life, and also if they should have the rights to Adopt and marry.

THis has been debated so much between me and my friends letly it would be nice to hear someone elses opinions on it.


Yes - everyone is equal

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No - They are wrong

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whatever it is we all are humans and our likes are different

we are normal and some are not

this dosent mean that we must suppress them we have to give them equal rights

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i agree that we should support them,

but to say they're not normal is kind of contradicting the point that they should be supported in the "equal rights" thing.

a human is a human, regardless of their sexual orientation.

and who's to say what's normal?

normalcy isn't real.

being normal would mean we were all the same, and that's not the case.

you know?

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JohnsonMom2(5) Disputed
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It is 100% wrong to let a homosexual raise a child. If they are this confused about their sexuallity , do you really think they should be trusted with children. If you are raised by two women you are missing out on all the father things you should get. Yes , most couples are divorced and this means there are rarley ever both parents involved. So we have already screwed up their heads by them not knowing where the missing parent is, so we say" Here kid that I love so much let me confuse you more. Further more the number of Homosexual men that are passing aids.. is this really the gift that you want for your child. Your child being the key word. How dare you take a child who is in the system because something totally messed up happened in their lives , and throw a gay lifestyle in front of them. You sick people!!!!! Have a heart .... quit being so selfish , maybe you should get a face lift or to loose a few pounds!! Turning to the person of the same sex is a low blow to yourself and the people around you!!.

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kimberleah13(1) Disputed
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Who are you to say homosexual people are selfish, is it selfish for them to live the life they want? NO!! And to say that all of them need to "get a face lift or to loose a few pounds!!" Or when you said that they are "Turning to the person of the same sex is a low blow to yourself and the people around you!!" Now, incase im misunderstanding, your saying that all homosexuals are fat, and ugly?! In your arguement, all you were doing is being a stereotypest. Just because people choose to fall in love with the same sex, doesnt make them selfish, it doesnt make them any messed up in the head as anyone else.. Let people be happy, and if that means being homosexual.. then let them.

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Jungelson(3931) Disputed
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Oh my God, even though the majority of the people who wrote thing on here are not members anymore, and no one will see this, I still have to say, I'm bloody glad YOU'RE gone...

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danzi94(10) Banned
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I Believe everyone should have the same rights, sexual orientation, gender, race etc should not effect anything.

Adoption - If there are so many poor children put up for adoption by no fault of there own, then why should gay or lesbian couples not be able to care for them. People claim that it must be horrible for the child being adopted due to being bullied, but i have read stamens from these children, saying its mad that anyone would prefer them to be moving from care home to foster home when there are gay couples willing to adopt.

Marriage - When two people in love, have a lawfully recognised bond, gay people should have the option to that, as a human right i my opinion!!!

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Well, if the adopting gay couple are not the type that go to gay pride parades dressed in leather, S&M;outfits then they should be allowed to adopt.

As far as getting married, right now they can have a wedding and no one will throw them in jail. So, are you talking about them receiving benefits like tax deductions? If so, that's up to the government. When the government hands out benefits like farm subsidies, am I entitled to get farm subsidies? Am I being discriminated against if I don't get farm subsidies?

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Same old argument Joe...I'm trying to picture you with a cow and overalls! Why would you want to be subsidized when you don't own a farm? You're not eligible.

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there are several reasons they should be,

but i'll just make a few points to support my position.

my first point is: maybe you believe it's "immoral" because of you're religion, but not everybody has the same beliefs as another individual, so it's unfair to try to shove it down anothers throat.

and another is: if you think it's "disguisting", then don't watch.

nobody is forcing you to spend so much time bashing homosexuals.

it's a personal decision for them, and you have no right to criticize.

they're the one who'll die when it's their time to go,

let them live their life as they want to.

it's not like everybody will agree with everything that you do,

so give it a rest.

be a bit more mature, and get over the petty gay bashing.

honestly, being rude about it won't change it.

they're going to make the choice they want anyways,

why waste you're own time trying to make them feel bad about it.

put yourself in their shoes,

would you want somebody punching you in the face, and cutting of your reproductive organ, because they thought that you were wrong for loving the person you love.

just grow up, and leave the decision up to the individual who can make their OWN decisions.

it's called a PERSONAL life for a reason.

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JohnsonMom2(5) Disputed
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if it is so personal why are they going around waving rainbow flags..... if it is so personal why can I google search it and find it all over the internet. If it is so personal , why are there lawsuits in court everyday of predudice.. the next thing you know we are going to have a holiday for those Gays that were persucuted. Come on give me a break. I sat in a restuarnt the other day with my children and watched a disgusting performance of PDA by two very girly men. My children and I were throwing up in our mouths !!! But it is their personal life and we should stay out of it?????

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homosexuals, at the end are humans. practically a human being has the right to lead his/her life his/her own style , means and needs!

at the end of the day, it is his life, he likes another male - it is his choice. so when the society ( in most countries)have accepted homosexuals relations, then, of course they should be given basic rights of a legally married couple.

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Yes they should Homosexuals are humans just like straight. people. There is no morality question here. I have two young sons and if I and my wife died tomorrow I would rather they be raised by a loving gay couple than a bigoted hateful straight couple.

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I'm for states rights so I think these issues should be left up to the individual states to decide, having said that I also lean libertarian so as long as it doesn't negatively effect me, I'm cool with it.

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It is now 2015 and the Supreme Court has declared Gay Marriage to be the law of the land.

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no, beacuse its against the church. made you a boy/ girl . so you shouldnt change that bitches! -.-

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Homosexuality is a life style. The already have equal rights, freedom of speech, the right serve on juries, etc. Marriage has long been for man and women. They compliment each other. I do not care if you are homosexual, just do not act like you are entitled to special privileges.

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Jungelson(3931) Disputed
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Getting married shouldn't be a special privilege for only men and women...

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aveskde(1935) Disputed
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Thats the worst thing that could happen to me, for my parents to both be male or female, how would i know what a proper relationship was meant to be like?

There's your problem, you think that there is a proper relationship in the first place. For what it's worth, if you had two fathers or mothers and they provided well, loved each other, took care of each other, etc. You'd want to emulate that, because those are key things in a successful relationship.

So If I have two dads, how would I cope when I see my friends with their mums and dads

It really wouldn't matter. You'd ask questions and get answers. Closed-mindedness like what you have however is what makes it necessary to cope in the first place, you're helping to perpetuate a stigma.

I think that Homesexuals being able to adopt is just wrong. If they were meant to have children together they would have been born with both genitals for goodness sake. Its not natural, its not how the world was supposed to be all this "Allowed to love who you want" is just bullshit to be honest.

Of course it's natural, that's why we have gays in the first place. What do you think, gays are made of plastic in a factory?

It's really none of your business anyway. You don't like men? Don't get into a relationship with one. Don't interfere with others and their right to be happy.

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zombee(1024) Disputed
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No. Would you want to be adopted by a gay couple?

If I was a homeless child, I would probably want to be adopted by any loving, secure couple that wanted me.

Think about all the bullying you'll get at school.

That's not the fault of the gay parents or the child, that's the fault of homophobes and hateful people. Don't blame the victims.

Thats the worst thing that could happen to me, for my parents to both be male or female, how would i know what a proper relationship was meant to be like?

By watching your parents, who hopefully would be supportive, understanding, and patient. A heterosexual relationship is not necessarily healthy, functional, or a good model for a child to look on. They can be very toxic. The adoption process would have the added benefit of screening out some of these unstable marriages.

If they were meant to have children together they would have been born with both genitals for goodness sake.

Nobody is predestined by fate to reproduce with anyone in particular, or not at all. We all have a choice. This logic would erase adoption all together, because people who were 'meant to have children' would already have them.

Its not natural, its not how the world was supposed to be all this

Homosexuality occurs quite frequently in nature, thus by definition, it is natural. It has existed in all human cultures throughout all of human history, so if there is a way the word is 'supposed to be', then that definition would include homosexuality.

"Allowed to love who you want" is just bullshit to be honest. I know most people wont agree but next thing you will all be backing up Incest. "Whats wrong with loving your sister?" .. :l

People cannot help who they love but in the case of incest, any children resulting from an incestuous relationship are likely to bear slight to severe mutations. Most animals, humans included, come equipped with a fairly strong aversion to breeding with family for this reason, and this is why incest is frowned upon; it has the high likelihood of hurting an innocent human being.

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zharcourt(1) Disputed
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My best friend was raised with two mothers. He's fine with it, no one bullies him. If they did he'd have a ton of people to back him up. He's proud of them and doesn't care if anyone judges them.

It is also scientifically proven that people are born gay. It's a chemical unbalance when you're in your mother's womb. It happens before you're born. So don't tell us it's "unnatural".

Also, how could you compare loving another (unrelated human of the same sex) to incest? You have serious problems if you can actually put the two beside each other and compare them. I'd like to see you try.

Last, but certainly not least. Attraction to someone is in the brain, it has nothing to do with where you're going to put your man parts in another guy. So, quit it with the whole "gays shouldn't "adopt/or have kids" argument. What if a gay/lesbian doesn't want kids?

Straight couples don't always have kids, so is that unnatural? No, it isn't.

Everyone deserves equal rights.

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