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Yes, you suck!!! You should have faith in god!!
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Should I be a miserable human being?

I'm depressed. I hate my life. I don't ever want to kill myself, but I feel like my depression will make my heart stop and kill me. I have too many thoughts in my head and anxiety disorder. I have negative views on myself, others, and the world. Should I be miserable? Do I deserve it for using this site as a way to let my negative feelings out? Do I deserve it for having no social skills? I always try to be nice to people and insulting shit comes out.



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Yes, you suck!!!

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You should have faith in god!!

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For fucks sake! How many of these debates have you made now?

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Hey, hey, hey, dude, don't be so inconsiderate, not everyone is as nearly sane as you. C'mon man. If people could be what is perceived as normal at the snap of a fingers, then the world wouldn't be fucked up as it is.

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The only reason I posted on this side is because I didn't like the title given to the other side, but you do need to grab ahold of your life. Do you have clean water to drink and food to eat? Do you have a toilet? A bathroom? A bed? A house? Money? Education? Many people around the globe lack these common things and we take them for granted. You should be happy you have the internet to ventilate your depression and frustration. Try meditation and see if it works, or get a massage, or sit in a sauna.

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I feel like that a lot of the time, but if I can pretend to be happy eventually I'll have lied to myself and other people so well that lies can become the truth. It helps to watch anime or read. Then you can forget that you exist.

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Well, you sure didn't make it easy to pick a side, as neither option describes my opinion, but...

I've been dealing with clinical depression for over 20 years. This last 3 years has been the worse I've ever experienced it. Having it be a persistent presence in my life, I've learned how destructive it can be to feel and be out of balance for weeks, months and years at a time.

I know it can be difficult to talk about. For some people it hurts their pride to discuss it, especially with strangers. Other people are just naturally private and may think that it's nobody's business or that nobody would want to hear it anyway. All of these thought processes are antithetical to getting help and treatment, and taking these stances can increase the sense of loneliness that usually accompanies depression.

But being open about it can have its fair share of problems too:

When you are in a state of deep depression, your social aptitude is probably lower than normal. You may find it harder to explain your feelings properly, and there tends to be so much subjective experience in these conversations that it can be very easy to misinterpret where others are coming from.

A LOT of people just can't understand it, and this is especially true if you suffer from a psychiatric depression disorder (but also happens with situational and environmental depressions as well). Even people who've been seriously depressed can totally get it wrong when trying to support you. Different people can have very different symptoms and effective treatments. So what worked for one person may not work for another, and people who have overcome depression often oversell their method as a guaranteed cure (and the thing is, some of these people probably just came out of their depression naturally, but erroneously give credit to the treatment since both things simultaneously.)

And A LOT of people just don't realize what depression is. Not all depressions are situational. And even situational depressions tend to have a strong physiological undercurrent. It isn't just that we are sad. Things in our body aren't working right. We get tired very easily or never truly "wake up" throughout the day. Sometimes our bodies just plain move slower than they used to. Sometimes our ability to taste things gets deadened. There is a chemical war going on in our bodies, and many of our systems are being stressed and/or impaired. If your depression is situational, it's a lot like getting the flu. If its psychiatric, it is akin to having a disease such as diabetes. Either way, a depression isn't just "feeling blue" for a while. Its not the sort of thing you can necessarily cure with ice cream, sex or a new job. It is an illness. And lots of people just don't let themselves view it that way.

Religious people usually think it is an issue of the soul, and as far as things like this go, all souls are basically created equal. So they tend to think that all depression can be cured the same way, usually by invoking some subjective or ambiguous quality like faith or passion. This technique actually does work reasonably well for religious people, though the reasons may be different than the religious would like to believe. As a non-religious person myself, I find these sentiments essentially useless, but if YOU are religious, I'd recommend getting yourself more involved in your local religious community. Indeed, most depressed people could really benefit from social interaction, but are not always inclined to seek it out. Getting out there, forging new friendships, accomplishing goals as a group...these are all things worth at least attempting, but you may find its not enough. And the social environment can get bitter quite quickly, so there is some risk if you aren't up to handling stress at the moment.

One of the best things I can recommend is patience. MOST OF THE TIME, depressions go away on their own sooner or later. If your depression is situational or part of a cyclic depressive disorder, your period of depression will eventually come to an end. However it might take a long time, so its best to try to explore other options of dealing with it until it goes away. Some environmental depressions will only go away when you identify and remove whatever is causing it, which is another reason to try different treatments. Unfortunately, some people suffer constant depression that never goes on its own. This seems to be what I've been dealing with the past few years. The takeaway from all this is that you should always actively try to fight your depression and seek out various ways to do that. But if that doesn't work, there is high probability it will work itself out of your system eventually. Of course, it may always come back. Another reason to try to discern what our most effective personal treatment plan is.

I think the biggest thing to do if you haven't yet is try to determine EXACTLY what kind of depression you are experiencing. You may need to work with counselors and psychiatrists. If possible, I would always recommend getting multiple opinions, do your own research on depression from reputable sources and try to identify friends and family members who can give you understanding and support when you need it. Sometimes these people can be your best weapons against depression.

Best of luck to you :)

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Well, you gave me really good advice. I only would say that my depression doesn't seem to come anywhere, but you mentioned that as a type of depression, I believe, so I have to give you thanks.

Well, thanks for clarifying the human body party, that it might not be situational. That might might be chemical. I think that's probably what I have. sighs

Anyways, great advice. I can't believe I just treated this site like a depression forum.

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Yeah, if it appears to come out of nowhere and has happened before it is most likely a psychiatric depressive disorder. I'd recommend consulting mental health professionals sooner rather than later. I spent years trying to deal with it on my own, and that turned out to be a huge mistake.

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Go speak to Dan Howell ;P

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Laughter is the best medicine. Try to find the silver lining in everything. When you do that, funny shit pops out ;)

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Stop thinking about all the bad shit. Go do something to take your mind off of it. Exercise regularly, Meditate regularly, commit to learning something new, stay offline except for when you're doing research on your hobbies, Sun bathe. Those things have pulled me further and further out of the abyss of despair.

Just do you. Fuck what other people think.

Forget the way that people say you should act.

This is not just their world, its yours too.

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I'm relatively drunk, so I'm not sure if any of that is relevant or if it made sense.

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I have been there. I recently had a nervous breakdown. I am autistic with mental illness. Please see a doctor and ask for an antidepressant medication. If I can get better, you can too. I am rooting for you. :) <3

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I'm autistic also. I will still continue posting negative crap on this site because somehow it makes it a little better. I'm sorry.

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I have been there too. If you get help for your depression, that will help you feel better.

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Be as negative as you want, in order to release the bile that builds inside from observing the world. The key is to deliver your hate with enough humor that people don't stage an intervention to keep you from killing yourself.

Trust me, a room full of people crying and reading sappy letters about how much you mean to them is a tough room for suicide jokes.

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