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Should I be concerned about a full moon?

They say that weird things happen to people when there's a full moon.  Police officers claim that things get a little hairy, people a little more crazy.  Is this just baseless supestition or are there any basis on facts?

Yes, of course.

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Not really

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There should be absolutely no concern in this area as full moons have been around since the beggining of time, there should be some solid evidence of werewolves if thats what you are getting at DV.

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Well, you are DaWolfman. Isn't that proof enough? Do you get all hairy like on a full moon and act a little crazy? ;)

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I actually am perfectly normal during a full moon, most people are expectant of me to turn hostile and grow hair everywhere. But in truth I am just your average joe =]

It should be proof that I know what I am talking about!

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They actually did a study on it that proved that a full moon doesn't really have any effect on humans.

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Why would there be? all it is is how much light is reflected from the surface of a satellite. Unless you're allergic to light (sarcasm), you should be fine.

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