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Should I become a police officer or join the Military?

What do you think I should do


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I would say yes, but join the military first. You could get some great experience that would make you stand out much more than the average applicant for a police officer position, and you could have more time to think out the decision. Military service would help with almost every job, I would suppose, so I think it's a good starting point no matter what.

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Nichole(689) Disputed
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Huh. The military doesn't prepare anyone for anything actually, except military duty, and your specific job position IN the military. For instance, if you got assigned being a jet mechanic, you learn all there is about jets...and you get paid for it! It's like getting paid to learn, and it's your job at the same time. It's a somewhat sweet deal; but it can make you feel trapped in the military or the job position. For instance, unless you bust your ass and figure out how to make going to college work while in the military, when your contract is up, and you want out, and you want a saner and happier job, your chances will be tough because you have no experience in what you'll want and you'll have no degree in it. Most people that leave the military a) go to college, or b) end up in a job you had when you were 16, or both, since you have to pay bills.

So, lemme see here, my husband is in the military, and my ex is a police officer. My ex simply did all the pre-applicant crap (which is a friggin massive amount of paperwork checking your background and family, and this is usually one thing that prevents people from entering the police force), took the 4 months of police academy training, and was IN. You don't NEED military experience to join the police force. It might make some things a little easier (like being yelled in the face, shooting guns, sitting around bored and miserable, and listening to authority), but you're still going to have to repeat that crap if you want to join anyway.

So, my opinion is, um, join one or the other if you WANT to. The major difference is the military will pay you a lil more (including the housing they pay for), and you better be looking forward to deployment from family and friends for a period of time, as well as, the potential of fighting in war. But with the police force, you typically stay near your home area, (they might relocate you, but not unless you request it and are approved it), and you work within the community and you get to see your friends and family pretty much every night. But either way, both jobs have the risk of death. If you want something saner though, go to college and get a degree in the path of your choice.

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Tuggy, I think you should join the military first and then give thought to what you wish to do with your career. It's a fine background for many things having to do with police work and security in all arenas.

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Not sure what the "yes" "no" categories mean, but it's probably easier to be a police officer once you have military experience. I think though that you should join red cross for a year or so instead, I think in your case that's the best thing.

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I think being in the military is so much more honorable than being a police officer. No offense to them. I mean, I really am grateful for the police and all they do to protect us, but police officers have a track record for being @$$holes. Not all of them are, but everybody has a story about a bad cop.

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Pineapple(1448) Disputed
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Not all of our men in green are angles either. The statistics are probably the same for both military and police. But there is much more access to police officers, and we deal with them on a daily basis. Also, crimes in the military are dealt with internally.

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I was thinking of joining the military or becoming a cop for awhile, and i still wonder about the military... maybe when i'm done with college.

It's a noble job, either way. Both are dangerous, but if you wish to protect your country's citizens, those are the perfect jobs for it.

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you should join the military for four years and then see what happens from there

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I personally think that a minority percentage of wars in the last century where justifiable so I think you have a better chance of doing good work as a Police Man

The Military has cooler weapons though

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I'm not sure as to what the yes and no sides mean, but I cannot answer this question until I understand WHY you are considering the police or the Military.

Why do you want to become a police office? What would it mean to you to be an officer?

Why would you want to join the Military? What would this look like to you? Where do you want to be in 3,5,10,20 years?

What other avenues are you interested in?

What are you passionate about?

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Join the Army for 2 years. Select an MOS (job) that comes with an educational bonus. Put every cent they give you into a savings account (have Uncle Sam match your savings). Get out. Take your money. Live at home with your parents while you attend a 2 year community college and finish off your general ed. stuff. Then go to the best college you can get into and finish off your upper division and get a BS (or an MS if you have enough money). Then go to work. That's pretty much how I did it and I'm doing OK ;)

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