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 Should I get Minecraft? (6)

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Should I get Minecraft?

I don't really know if I should get minecraft because you have to pay $30 with a credit card but only once. My computer is not that powerful and I don't know if it could run. Does anyone know how much MB it is? 

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If you have an Xbox 360, just get Fortresscraft for three bucks, or however many microsoft points. It plays much better and you can plug your keyboard into your Xbox if you want the extra functionality. And the avatars are cute, nuff said.

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The thing is I don't have an Xbox 360. I have a ps3 so I can't download Fortresscraft.

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Yes, I think you should get minecraft. My computer can be extremely slow but it is fine when played as the only tab/window open

You can if you want but to me I strongly believe the game is boring and will never be my type of game.

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Well it might look boring when you watch it but it might be fun if you actually tried it out. I tried it out on my friends computer and it was really awesome!

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I was intrigued by the concept of Minecraft when I first learned about it and - in a break from habit, for I rarely play games of any sort - played it for a very short while. It's a superbly sandbox-oriented game and was a welcome break between studies, but a game is what it is: no substitute for real life.