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Absolutely. Wait..., what? No!!!
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Should I have someone post a picture of my tombstone on my scial media accounts

Should I have someone post a picture of my tombstone on all of my social media accounts when I die?

Then, after some time, that someone could have my tombstone updated with the total number of likes, smiley faces, down votes, etc. and the icon associated with each number.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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I'm trying to figure out the proper social media etiquette ;)

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Regardless of whether you can't smell the pee, accept me, your little dog can and he will be urged to return to a similar spot again except if you eliminate ALL pee scents. This is totally basic in housebreaking your doggy.

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Thank you for the opportunity to comment. Everyone needs the opportunity to speak out and express their opinion. friday night funkin

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I was struggling when writing an academic paper on community management. Fortunately, I found these essays about government. They became a source of helpful information.

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