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Should Illegal aliens be thrown out of the country?

Should illegal aliens be returned to their countries? what about the work that they do in USA? you think they do more harm than good? or the other way around? maybe illegal aliens should be deported, but more openness to legal immigrants granted? What do you think?


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they sould be sent back. it costs more money to support them in one year than it would to send them back all at once.

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Americans bitch and moan about how illegal aliens are taking their jobs but if we remove them from the country will they not start bitching and moaning about how damn tough these jobs that they are doing are? We should not throw them out of the country. We need to just tax them. Have another Ellis Island if they have to.

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No, amnesty should be partial only, and a new method should be created to avoid these kind of situations in the future, better and stronger foreign policies should be crafted to ensure that third-world countries can solve their economic situations on their own, this ways diminishing the amount of people that get out of their land to come to work here

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