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Yes, Kony needs to stop. I don't care...
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Should Kony 2012 End

There is this thing going on right now called Kony 2012. Basically if you don't already know, it's this guy who takes little kids, I'm talking like 5-7 years old, and he is making the boys kill their family and the girls are used as sex slaves. Should this end?

Yes, Kony needs to stop.

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I don't care...

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i love u david ur the most amazingest best friend ever even though this debate is really seriouse im gonna bring it down a notch love yous

Side: Yes, Kony needs to stop.
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Joseph kony needs to be stoped, we are all a human race no matter what country we are from and it should be our duty to make sure that every child around the world feels safe. he is just as bad as colonel gaddafi and osama bin laden and they were both stoped by the help from countrys around the world so i think it is necessary for our goverments to join forces in takeing down this evil man.

Side: Yes, Kony needs to stop.
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Kony needs to stop but i don't understand the full story. Don't let that video manipulate you unless you see tons of videos and read stories about him. See both sides of the argument whether to stop him or not.

I THINK i heard someone say that Kony hasn't kidnapped kids from homes for years. I Think!

Anyway, the Kony 2012 video suggest WAR. War will bring devastation. And i bet there are other ways to capture this one person.

Side: Yes, Kony needs to stop.
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