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Should Korea have an open border

oh welll please write your opinion this topic is my debate homework


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Korea was once a unified nation. Before a Communist leader stepped in and changed all that everyone was happy. Restore Korea to its previous state and the world would be so much more peaceful.

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I support that notion but the biggest question is how are you going to do that. War? Not going to work. Diplomacy. Not going to work neither.

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i can see where you are coming from, but Kim Jong Il has got to die at some point and when he does the nation's government will be weakened. I know that he is trying to get his son or something to take over but the people of the nation, more than likely, won't respect him and therefore the nation will fall apart. Unless the new kid can prove himself, and do it fast, there is a chance that North Korea could fall to rebellions

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As long as North Korea is a communist nation and South Korea is a democratic, they is no way that an open border is possible.

There is highly conflicting beliefs.

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