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Should Lowes have pulled their advertising sponsorship for the show All American Muslim?

Recently, Lowes home improvement centers pulled their advertising from the show All American Muslim.  They say this was due to pressure from communications they were receiving about the show.  Do you feel they were right in pulling the sponsorship?  Let's have some lively discussion about this one!

Yes, it is their money

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No, they caved to the pressure

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Who money is it? Does Lowe's not own their marketing advertisements? Can they can advertise how they see fit?

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It is tough to pick a side on this one, but i have to say I think it is their right to do so. But, they should have waited until the end of the season and withdrew quietly.

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Bohemian(3861) Disputed
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I suppose I should point out the difference between "having the right" and "being in the right". To draw an analogy, I have the right to tell a neighbors child that they were an adopted waste of oxygen, It is not illegal to do so, however I would not be a very good person if I did that. Just because one has the right to do something doesn't mean they are right for doing it. Likewise, Lowes has a legal right to pull their advertising from whatever shows they desire, but to pull their advertising due to the complaints of a fringe hate group is not right.

The complaints launched against the Television show is that the show doesn't depict Muslims VIOLENTLY ENOUGH. Let me repeat that. The complaint is that Muslims are not shown VIOLENTLY enough. This is an absurd complaint. In other words the group that complained, The Florida Family Association, doesn't feel their preconceived stereotypes about Muslims are validated by the show. They want Muslims shown in a more negative light, for lack of a better explanation, because they are bigoted twats.

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I'ld have to admit, I'm slightly anti-islam and I can understand why others would be. If this Lowes company thinks they're relating their product to something they don't want it to, they have the right to remove their sponsership.

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Whatever, it's their money; they can do with it what they wish.

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Lowes should do what it believes is the right thing to do.

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You or I will never know why they pulled the ad exactly, but there could have been a bigger reason. Many of you blame it on one group of people, but if you look at the US as a whole there are still many people that are skeptical of Muslims. Although I don't think that all Muslims are bad, many people still associate them with terrorism. Lowe's was doing what they felt was the right decision. Looking at it from a business perspective, there are a lot more non-muslims than there are Muslim so it would be a bigger loss if the non-muslims were to protest the company.

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zombee(1026) Disputed
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Lowes specifically cited pressure from the protestors as the reason for redacting their support. So unless they were lying, yes, we do know why they pulled their ads.

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All-American Muslim is going to be an exploitative, inaccurate, terribly offensive shit reality TV show. Such is the territory of TLC, which is itself borderline Christian-Evangelistic. Whether it was for bigotry-induced fear, business-sense or out of conscientiousness (and I'm aware it was the former two), this is probably for the best.

Side: Yes, it is their money
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It was a very dumb decison on their part, they lost customers and image for their actions.

They decided not to advertise to a growing and important subgroup of people and decided not to support equality and freedom. Its not smart to alienate your customers and damage the good will people have in you as a company, and if anonoymous does to their website what they did to the FFA's website lowes stands to lose millions.

Side: No, they caved to the pressure
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Yeah, they're pussies.

So you have a handful of chicken-shit uneducated morons with absolutely nothing to do but complain about shit they see on tv scared (because they're week humans and have low IQ's) of something they don't understand,

It doesn't have anything to do with money either because anyone who would complain about a commercial on a show... tada, wouldn't be the ones they are targeting who are watching the show anyway.

It's a movie about a family, a fucking boring one at that, no different than any other boring family sitcom except god forbid they aren't in that just-as-if-not-more dangerous and evil cult called christianity.

Muslim, christian, the only real difference is Muslims haven't managed to kill quite as many people in the name of their shitty god.

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Everyone on the other side has so far responded in a way that makes it seem like people are saying Lowes shouldn't have the right to remove sponsorship. That's not what's happening and I don't think anyone is under the impression that it's not Lowes money in question. But the right to do something is not the same as the right to do something without garnering a response.

All the show did was show an assortment of non-terrorist Muslims and the Florida Family Association's reaction was vapid and paranoid. It's totally acceptable to tell Lowe's how shitty it is that they knuckled under the demands of a homophobic, prejudiced and puritanical organization. If FFA can push one way, then the public can push back.

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They have every right too as it is their money, but it sickens me that they did it. They should have stuck with it.

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Lowe's should not have pulled their sponsorship, but most likely they had no other choice since many customers threatened not to shop anymore if they did not pull their sponsorship from this TV show.

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