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Should Marijuana be legalized?

Should Marijuana be legalized? 


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Yes. In comparison to those substances which we allow (alcohol and tobacco being the two most obvious) it is really no worse. It is far less potentially addictive than the other two, does not appear to have nearly as many physical ailments associated with it as tobacco or heavy alcohol use, and is much less likely to incite violence than alcohol. Some argue that this marijuana is a gateway drug. They forget that many people who use other drugs also began drinking first. The reason further drug experimentation is more likely to occur with pot use than with alcohol is not because pot "leads one to search for a better high" (otherwise we should expect similar results with alcohol, as it is more "mellow" than harder drugs) but is almost certainly because one is legal and the other is not. Legalization also increases the amount of information health agencies can get about its use and make it more likely for heavy users to get treatment. And it is simply ludicrous for our already strained prison and court systems to have to process people for possession and distribution of a substance that is roughly equivalent to substances we accept. And arguably the best point: we could stop using taxpayer money to crack down on dealers and instead tax pot sales via liscenced distributors. This is a particularly timely point given our government's deficit.

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Legalizing it would help are economy in many ways like jobs and much more

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Marijuana has been rated the least harmful drug in a study made in UK, which means that there is no less harm being done to people using the drug. Also, marijuana has evidence of pharmaceutical uses, such as treatment of glaucoma. Because marijuana can be addictive, the government could sell the drug with a high tax, which would shrink the number of users of marijuana, and at the same time, stimulate the economy with these high payments going to the government. Overall, as long people don't smoke marijuana (there are more ways to use marijuana outside of smoking it), legalizing marijuana would be beneficial.

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Marijuana addicts are to "food addicts" as apple pie is to peach pie. with pie being a psychologically addicted person.

Its not the chemical substance people become addicted to.

The majority of the few health concerns with pot are eliminated with vaporizers. .Vaporizers should receive some type of stimulus with cannabis legalization to encourage production of more affordable ones and increased demand for them, this could be payed back by taxation of a larger market, with more producers, distributors, retailers and consumers.

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Yes, legalize it, tax it ans enjoy the new revenue stream! Better than the US government process of robbing the poor to pay the rich!

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Sure! What the hell.... we might as well get the tax money for it.

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States can generate much needed revenue with the legalization of marijuana.

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