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Should Obama be forced to give his Nobel Peace Prize back?


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That award was nothing more than a publicity stunt, and one that disgraced the honor and prestige of the Nobel Peace Society.

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DaWolfman(3322) Disputed
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That award was nothing more than a publicity stunt


disgraced the honor and prestige of the Nobel Peace Society

Probably not that bad, I tell you what is a disgrace to the Nobel family: the NSHSS run by a distant cousin who has the last name "Nobel", that is a disgrace to the family name. Obama being the recipient of an award of peace in a time of peace really does not seem that horrendous as you make it seem to be.

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Since he did ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY NOTHING to deserve it, yes i think that he should.

Giving the honor to one so undeserving tarnishes and taints the image of the award, and insults those who have worked their asses off to merit one.

Fuck obama, worthless piece of shit LOL

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Don't really care but he should be forced from office... now that, I'm all for.

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DaWolfman(3322) Disputed
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Don't really care but he should be forced from office

Well that is an incredulously worthless point to make.

Give me at least some reasoning opposed to homosexual slander, as to why.

The question asked of you was whether or not Obama should be forced to give his Nobel Peace Prize back, as we ( being the United States ) are currently involved in a conflict with another country; making Obama as an upholder of peace an antithetic label as he has brought us as the United States into a conflict with another country whilst having a Nobel Peace Prize.

Whoever gave you the downvote was correct in doing so, as you had no basis to your point and made an empty argument.

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Oooops! I must have upset someone and they gave me a down vote... I know, How dare I question your Messiah, the all-mighty Obama!?

Look, He sucks balls... literally, ask Larry Sinclaire, or maybe that was the other way around? I can't keep track. Maybe the person who gave me the down vote really wants to suck Barry's balls??? Hmmmm? Just a question. Haha!

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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Down voted this one (not whatever you're crying about in this arguement) because you make the assumption liberals worship politicians as conservatives would worship the likes of Regan.

Liberals are fundamentally different. We are consistantly dissappointed in any candidate because it is impossible in a democracy for any individual to complete the long list of agendas we may or may not agree with (we liberals are also not in lock-step as are conservatives, hence our in-bickering even with majorities).

However, while naturally always hopeful, as should be the mindset of any born in a free country, we also understand reality, us being capable of multi-level thinking as studies show we are more capable of than conservatives.

And so we realize that so far Obama has done perhaps the most any individual could do against this odd tide of birthers and goofy debate commentators with a picture of a fairly elected US president avatar dressed as a pirate.

So yes, he deserves it. No, he's not the messiah.

It's called a medium, where reality lives. Turn off fox and quit reading Newsmax and you might find it.

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He hasn't entered any unjustified wars, and if we had another Bush in power the youth of so many arab nations would not have the guts to hope the US and UN might help if they did try to overthrow a government.

He's earned it. Keep up the good work.

On the side, what happened to the psycho right wing mantra "Don't question a war-time president" or you're not a patriot?

Wish I were still surprised by "conservative" (by which I mean never balanced a budget and never failed in increasing the unemployement percent in the history of the party - look it up and yeah including your demigod Reagan) hypocrisy.

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He earned his Nobel Peace Prize and it is wonderful that he was bestowed with that honor.

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